Wednesday, October 18, 2017

IBM opens European nerve centre to fight costly cyberthreats

Command centre also set up to easy data location for services in the EU following requirements in the GDPR.

IBM Security has opened one of its largest nerve centres built to address growing issues surrounding cybersecurity, as well as expand data location services as the countdown for the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) continues.

Based in Wroclaw, Poland, and part of IBM’s $200m investment in incident response capabilities, the IBM X-Force Command Center is also set to make use of IBM’s artificial intelligence (AI) cognitive computing solution, Watson.

The centre joins the global network of IBM X-Force Command Centers, which process upwards of one trillion cyber incidents each month, protecting 4,500 clients across 133 countries.

The global network is staffed by over 1,400 security professionals.

IBM said the key areas of focus for the X-Force Command Center in Poland are supporting clients in responding to cybersecurity incidents and serving as the hub in the company’s global network for GDPR services.

Through the centre, IBM will be able to give clients the option of managing their security data via IBM staff and infrastructure in Europe.

The command centre has been established following a report by IBM which has found that incidents of illegally acquired records has grown from 600 million in 2015 to four billion in 2016.

In the 2017 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, analysts warned that the problem will be exacerbated, as the number of incidents within the next five years is expected to double.

According to the report, the average total cost of a data breach was at the end of 2016, $4m, with the average cost per breached data record sitting at $158.

The cost per record breached ranges from $355 for healthcare organisations to $172 for retail industry and $129 for transportation companies.

Julian Meyrick, Vice President, IBM Security, Europe, said: “The new IBM X-Force Command Center in Poland is a critical investment in helping clients seamlessly respond to cybersecurity incidents as well as prepare for GDPR.

“In the centre, insights from IBM’s world-renowned X-Force research team come together with local world-class talent to help clients take an immune system approach to cybersecurity.”