Saturday, November 25, 2017

IBM is about to completely change how it manages its European data centres

As the EU predicts the data economy to be worth €739bn by 2020 one of the world’s largest cloud provider is ramping up data privacy and transparency efforts.

IBM has unveiled plans to tighten up its data privacy operations at its Frankfurt data centre as the ‘Big Blue’ aims to ensure data access is restricted.

The company has designed a new scheme in which customers are to get full control over and transparency with where their data lives, who has access to it and what they can do with this access.

The new support model and data management capabilities are scheduled to be rolled out by December this year in Frankfurt, five months before the General Data Protection Act (GDPR) is due to be introduced in 28 European Union member states.

Sebastian Krause, General Manager, IBM Cloud, Europe at IBM, said: “With the rapid growth of higher value services such as AI, analytics, blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT), companies are positioned to unlock transformative insights from their data like never before.

“In fact, the European Commission estimates that the value of the data economy in the EU can increase to €739bn by 2020.

“While exciting for all of us, this transition also introduces the need for greater responsibility. Concerns about data residency, security and personal data protection are at an all-time high as businesses prepare for pending regulatory and compliance requirements including the GDPR.

“While data privacy is especially important in Europe, clients in many markets face regulatory pressures to protect their users’ data.

“IBM plans to take the improvements outlined here and adopt them across other IBM locations in the future.”