Thursday, October 19, 2017

History’s first subsea link between Africa and South America is being created right now

Cable promises to cut connectivity times from 300 milliseconds to 60 milliseconds.

A 6,500 Km long submarine cable connecting Angola to Brazil has begun to be installed on the ocean floor by Angola Cables.

The company claims this will be the first direct subsea link between Africa and South America in history.

Known as the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS), the cable was officially launched in Sangano, Angola.

It has a 40 Tbps bandwidth capacity and will land in Fortaleza, Brazil, and on the Angolan coast in the municipality of Quissama. The SACS system is being constructed by the NEC Corporation.

According to Angola Cables, it takes today around 300 milliseconds between a data packet is sent and received back on either side of the ocean.

The company expects SACS to reduce the latency between Angola and Brazil to approximately 60 milliseconds.

Angola Cables’ active and under construction cable routes, and their links to other cable systems. Source: Angola Cables

To mark the beginning of construction, Angola Cables held a launch ceremony attended by José Carvalho da Rocha, the Angolan Minister of Telecommunications and Technologies, local and international business leaders, as well as the shareholders and guests of Angola Cables.

The installation of SACS is considered a strategic project for Angola to advance the region’s digital economy and to improve global communications.

António Nunes, CEO of Angola Cables: “For Angolans, the time to access content available in America – the largest centre for the production and aggregation of digital content and services – will improve fivefold.

“Angola is becoming one of the telecommunications hubs in sub-Saharan Africa. Current cable systems, such as WACS, together with the SACS and Monet cables systems – complemented by local data centers – will improve connectivity, but also economically benefit Angola and the surrounding regions as tech companies requiring high connectivity establish and grow their operations in Africa.”

Angola Cables is also building a 10,000 sqm data centre building at the Praia do Futuro, in Fortaleza, for $130m.

Companies already signed up to deploy at the site include cloud services provider Claranet, AmLight and Fortaleza’s government.