GPX Cloud Solutions – Empowering India’s enterprise cloud adoption

Manoj Paul, managing director, GPX India Pvt Ltd

Manoj Paul, Managing Director of GPX India Pvt Ltd, talks about India’s most interconnected Tier-4 data center campus and most comprehensive Cloud Solutions offering. GPX offers direct scalable connectivity to single or multiple major CSPs, all located on-prem at the GPX Mumbai data center campus.

What will be the emerging trends in cloud adoption by businesses?
Cloud adoption has been seeing steady growth worldwide and also in India. According to Gartner, with the total public cloud services spend in India at $2.4 bn in 2019, India has recorded the third-highest growth rate of 24.5% in 2019 after China (33%) and Indonesia (29%). It is expected that by 2022, over 60% of all mid and large enterprises would have migrated some of their apps and workloads to the cloud.

During this adoption of public cloud, organisations are most concerned about safety, reliability, and performance. Hence, a direct connection service where an enterprise can have a highly secure, low latency private leased line connection to the cloud service provider instead of the unreliable and unsecured internet, is helping accelerate cloud adoption.

GPX India has been providing these services including Amazon (AWS) Direct Connect, Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect, and Oracle FastConnect for the last several years with over 60 enterprises using this service at the GPX Mumbai data center campus. GPX is the first data center and interconnection provider in India to now offer an Open Cloud Exchange service which will enable a direct, private, and secure connection to multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) within the GPX data center through a single port interface.

What is Cloud Exchange and how will it support the future of digital transformation in India?
GPX Open Cloud Exchange solution is a multi-homing solution which is a fully GPX managed solution, offering connectivity to multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSP’s) which are colocated within the GPX data center campus. This allows customers to easily and efficiently build a multi or hybrid cloud architecture to support their business requirements.

GPX’s Open Cloud Exchange will help accelerate the Indian enterprise customer’s shift from on-premise computing to cloud-centric computing model. The core benefits of cloud computing including lower TCO and greater scalability are becoming clearly evident to the Indian enterprise customers and they are now designing their IT architectures and applications with cloud computing as the core strategy and platform. We fully expect to see India continue to be one of the fastest growing cloud markets in the world for several years to come.

The GPX Open Cloud Exchange is colocated in the same GPX Tier-4 data center campus with the largest interconnect ecosystem in India including 8 CSP’s, 12 Carriers, 9 CDN’s, and 130 ISP’s. The richness of the GPX interconnection ecosystem has been one of the key drivers of digital transformation within India for the last 5-6 years, and adding our new GPX Cloud Exchange offering will further accelerate that transformation. For enterprise customers the combination of our Tier-4 data center, the GPX interconnect ecosystem, and now our Cloud Exchange is a unique offering in India


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What value proposition GPX brings in for enterprise customers through Cloud Exchange?
GPX India is a partner with multiple major CSP’s including Amazon, Google, and Oracle who offer direct connection services in India (bypassing the unstable public Internet) to establish an edge node On-Prem inside the GPX Mumbai data center campus. Enterprises who want to deploy a multi or hybrid cloud architecture can connect to these CSP’s over a highly secure, private network. A big differentiator for GPX Open Cloud Exchange is that it is not dependent on any other data center as the Cloud Exchange and the CSP’s routers are in the same data center campus, offering high reliability and scalability benefits to our enterprise customers.

The presence of edge nodes for AWS, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud, plus others to be announced in the coming months, within the GPX data center, and now with the launch of the Cloud Exchange, there will be a big demand from enterprises who would like to set up their own IT Infra at GPX, and connect to CSP’s within the data center for their business continuity (DR) on cloud, or shifting various workloads to multiple clouds. GPX’s new data center launched in November 2019, which can support 1400+ racks, has the required capacity to support this growth in demand from enterprise customers.

The uniqueness of GPX’s offering is the combination of our high-quality Tier-4 data centers along with the largest interconnect internet ecosystem in India, and now our Open Cloud Exchange platform. This will provide enterprise customers a single high-quality data center campus where they can interconnect with multiple CSP’s, Carriers, and Content Delivery Networks supporting multiple IT applications. As an example, an enterprise customer can colocate in, or connect to the GPX data center by utilising a highly secure private network connection from their premises to the GPX data center, and not only utilize our Cloud Exchange to access multiple CSP’s, but also have access to the GPX ecosystem of the CDN’s, ISP’s, and Carriers colocated at GPX.

What are the key offerings and support services extended to customers adopting the cloud infrastructure?
GPX is a Tier-4, True Carrier, and Cloud Neutral Data Center Service provider with an unparalleled ecosystem of multiple CSP’s, CDN’s, IXP’s, Telco’s, and now a Cloud Exchange, part of GPX Cloud Solutions family, GPX has three prime offerings.
GPX Direct Cloud Connect for a direct private connection to a CSP of customer’s choice, thereby bypassing the public Internet.

GPX Open Cloud Exchange is a multi-homing connection that will enable connectivity for customers through a single port ordered on the GPX switch with the ability to connect to multiple CSP’s that are connected to the switch.

GPX Cloud Value-Added Services (VAS) offers ‘Cloud Data Upload Service’ that enables customers to upload their bulk data to the AWS platform cost-effectively and efficiently.

How does GPX leverage its data center facilities in India to enable enterprise cloud journey?
GPX Cloud Solutions strengthens GPX’s Interconnection Ecosystem that exists in the GPX Mumbai data center campus. GPX has India’s most comprehensive Carrier, Content, and Cloud-rich interconnection ecosystem that has been built over the last decade. GPX offers, CARRIER-NEUTRAL, CLOUD-NEUTRAL, and IXP-NEUTRAL interconnection ecosystem with 12 Carriers, 150+ ISP’s, 8 CSP’s of which 3 CSP’s offer private direct connection services, 4 Internet Exchange Providers, 9 CDN’s, multiple major OTT’s, and enterprises.

This ecosystem does not exist in any other data center and thus is a big factor for higher efficiency and improved user experience leading to the growth of the internet and cloud services adoption in India. The model provides access to multiple cloud providers, allowing customers to choose a mix of CSP’s to achieve the most advanced, efficient, and competitively priced cloud partners for their business needs.