Google seals the deal on $2.6bn acquisition of Looker

Google said it has completed its $2.6bn buyout of privately held big-data analytics firm Looker.

The Alphabet-owned firm announced in June that it planned to buy California-based Looker to boost its cloud offering, and was the company’s first major acquisition since the appointment of Thomas Kurian as CEO at the beginning of 2019.

The company has previously revealed that the acquisition was set to build on an existing partnership between the two companies where they share more than 350 joint customers, such as Buzzfeed, Hearst, King, Sunrun, WPP Essence, and Yahoo!.

“We are extremely proud to join Google Cloud following a successful four-year partnership where we got to deeply understand the cultural similarities and technology synergies between the two companies,” said Frank Bien, CEO at Looker.

“Joining Google Cloud provides us better reach, strengthens our resources, and brings together some of the best minds in both analytics and cloud infrastructure to build an exciting path forward for our customers and partners.

“The mission that we undertook seven years ago as Looker takes a significant step forward beginning today.


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“I want to reinforce our longstanding commitment to multi-cloud and serving our customers and partners with the best support and resources available. Looker customers will continue to have the freedom to choose from any cloud data management system like Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL, Snowflake, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata and more.

“Looker partners can expect to continue to work with us as they have before. Finally, we expect that our award-winning support team will not only continue delivering an exceptional chat support experience but will also be bolstered by the additional resources and global presence of the Google Cloud team.”

The deal, which was initially meant to close at the end of 2019, is set to help Google Cloud deliver industry-specific analytics solutions in its key verticals, such as supply chain analytics in retailing; media analytics in entertainment; or healthcare analytics at global scale.

Google Cloud and Looker share a common philosophy around delivering open solutions and supporting customers wherever they are—be it on Google Cloud, in other public clouds, or on-premises,” said Kurian in a blog post last week.

“As more organisations adopt a multi-cloud strategy, Looker customers and partners can expect continued support of all cloud data management systems like Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL, Snowflake, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Teradata.”

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