Saturday, November 25, 2017

Google opens London cloud region in ‘vote of confidence to the UK’

UK’s Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Karen Bradley, thanks Google for its investment in the UK and tells industry that “we are leaving the institution of the EU, we are not leaving Europe”.

Google has launched yet another cloud region in Europe based in London with plans to open three more in the near future in Germany, the Netherlands and Finland.

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) region, named Europe-west2, is now part of a global network of nine regions, and the second in Europe after Belgium.

Dave Stiver, Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform, said: “GCP customers throughout the British Isles and Western Europe will see significant reductions in latency when they run their workloads in the London region.

“In cities like London, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Amsterdam, our performance testing shows 40%-82% reductions in round-trip time latency when serving customers from London compared with the Belgium region.”

Services offered from the London region include compute, big data, storage and networking capabilities.

Speaking at the official launch of the region in London, Benjamin Treynor Sloss, Vice President of Engineering at Google, said the region’s data centre infrastructure is to be powered exclusively by renewable energy.

He also said that by the end of the year, all Google data centres around the world will be fully energised resourcing to green energy sources.

Sloss said: “We are going to be 100% renewable by the end of this year. When a large company like Google makes this sort of commitments, this pushes the rest of the ecosystem.

“Google has been leading the pack for data centres for some years now [when it comes to using less energy].”

Also speaking at the event, Tariq Shaukat, President, Customers at Google Cloud, highlighted that the company’s cloud services are today used by more than one billion users worldwide, and that more than 100 billion Application Engine requests are put through every day.

He said: “Google Cloud today is already a sizable business with a sizable footprint in the UK and around the world.

“What is happening with cloud is that cloud is democratising the IT landscape. You can be a small company and you can access the best platform in the world, or you can be an Ocado and access the best technology built by thousands of experts.

“We believe that is going to drive a lot of innovation.”

Joining the Google executives on stage, was the UK’s Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Karen Bradley, who thanked Google for its investment in the UK and played down fears of a negative impact in the technology space once the country leaves the EU.

She said: “We want the UK to be at the forefront of digital. Although we are leaving the institution of the EU, we are not leaving Europe.

“We want to make sure all business can take advantage of what digital brings.

“I am so grateful that Google has made this vote of confidence in the UK.”