Google Cloud unveils new cost control cloud storage price plan

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Google Cloud has introduced a new cloud storage pricing plan with the aim of helping customers to manage costs more effectively in line with the fluctuation of their storage needs.

The company announced its ‘Storage Growth Plan’ as a tool to help solve the consolidation and the capacity problem of data storage today.

“It is the unified object storage that powers many Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers, letting you store and move data as needed,” said Google Cloud.

“You can use Transfer Appliance to get petabytes into Cloud Storage quickly, you can stream data into Cloud Storage with Dataflow, and you can even move data from AWS S3 to Cloud Storage with Storage Transfer Service.

“You pay by the gigabyte-month for the data you are storing in Cloud Storage, and you can store petabytes, exabytes or more, and once it’s in Cloud Storage, integrations across the platform make it easy to expose your data to services like BigQuery, Dataproc and CloudML.”

Some of the elements it includes is that companies can commit to at least $10,000 spending per month for 12 months of Cloud Storage usage that is a fixed amount.


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The company also added that at the end of 12 months, users have two choices for renewal.

Elsewhere with Google Cloud, in December 2018 the company was added to the federal Australian government’s Certified Cloud Services List (CCSL), which enables the company to provide cloud services to government agencies.

The certification was handed out by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), which took the responsibility off the Australian Signals Directorate earlier this year.

Google Cloud now joins 12 existing providers in the CCSL that meet stringent Australian Government security requirements for managing information storage at the minimum Australian Government security standard.

This new cloud storage pricing plan comes as Google Cloud adjusts to the recent change as Thomas Kurian takes over as CEO of Google Cloud.