Google Cloud unveils decade-end digital transformation triumphs at Next ’19

Google Cloud's CEO, Thomas Kurian

13 subsea cable investments, 90 data centres, and 7,000 attendees at Google Cloud’s Next ’19 in London.

The cloud giants’ kicked off the conference by unveiling its new data encryption, network security, security analytics and user protection capabilities.

And with migration hot on everyone’s lips, Google Cloud also announced the general availability of Migrate for Anthos, Apigee hybrid and Cloud Code.

“We are offering three key components, infrastructure-as-a-service, our digital transformation platform and industry solutions,” said Google Cloud’s CEO, Thomas Kurian in the opening keynotes at the Next ’19 conference.

Anthos was the first open app modernization platform to offer a unified control plane and service delivery across diverse cloud environments—managed cloud, on-premises and edge.

“Anthos is even starting to be deployed to edge locations, where, thanks to its 100% software-based design, it can run on any number of hardware form factors,” said Jennifer Lin, VP, Product Management and Pali Bhat, VP, Product & Design.

“We’re in advanced discussions with customers in telecommunications, retail, manufacturing and entertainment about using Anthos for edge use cases, as well as with global hardware OEMs.”

Google Cloud’s foundation is offering its customers infrastructure-as-a-service according to Kurian, and the cloud giants do so by offering its customers six capabilities including compute, storage, and network-as-a-service.

Google Cloud also announced that it will be introducing five new cloud regions, as part of a larger strategy to roll out several more regions across the world.


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“Our regions are not only powerful and capable, but are also built on a foundation that advances renewable energy,” added Kurian.

Two months ago, the firm announced that it will be opening a Google Cloud region in Warsaw, Poland as part of its commitment to the country and broader Central and Eastern Europe.

The cloud giants also announced its new application firewall capabilities for Google Cloud Armor, its distributed-denial-of-service and application defense service.

“We’re also excited to announce that Cloud HSM users can generate and use their own keys with Google Cloud’s HSM service using the Key Import feature, now GA,” said Sunil Potti, VP of Engineering, Google Cloud Security.

“In addition, customers across the globe can take advantage of this service with Cloud HSM availability in all Google Cloud regions and multi-regions.”

The announcements did not stop there!

Iron Mountain (NYSE: IRM) announced the expansion of its Iron Mountain InSight intelligent content services platform at Google Cloud Next London.

Vodafone selected Google Cloud to host its strategic cloud platform for data analytics, business intelligence, and machine learning, called Neuron.

Deloitte Consulting strengthened its partnership with Google Cloud, unveiling new solutions targeting large-scale SAP workload migrations.

“Google Cloud Next London is emerging a major event for Google which has been experiencing a surge in growth in Europe over the past 12 months and is now key to its global business and under Kurian,” said Nick McQuire, Vice President, Enterprise Research CCS Insight.

“Above all, Cloud Next London shows how successful the firm has been in adapting its message for European customers.

“Through a deeper focus on major issues that matter most to European customers such as data security, privacy, responsibility and sustainability, it is in some respects little surprise why EMEA has been its key growth area over the past 12 months.”

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