Google close to $1bn CAPEX in Belgium data centre investments with new hyperscale hub

Alphabet reported revenues of $162bn, up 18% year over year

Google is expected to open a data centre in Farciennes in Belgium as word on the street is that the tech giants are waiting for the green light in order to kick the project off the ground by next July.

While Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is yet to confirm this revelation, Belgium television channel RTBF reported that the opening of its second facility in Belgium will see the new site located in Wallonia, French-speaking region of southern Belgium.

Google plans to settle on the site of the Ecopole northeast of Charleroi, and the new business park is located in three communes and two provinces: Farciennes, Aiseau-Presles (Hainaut) and Sambreville (Namur).

Google also unveiled plans to build a third data centre in Belgium for a total capital expenditure of €253m. The building is being erected at the company’s Saint-Ghislain hub in the Hainaut province according to local reports which will employ up to 1,200 people.

Data Economy reached out to the tech giants for confirmation as well as more details, to which they are yet to respond.

According to Google, when it was first announced that the company will be pumping millions into Belgium, the reasoning behind the decision was that ‘St. Ghislain has the right combination of energy infrastructure and developable land’.

Elsewhere, last week Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed that the company will be opening its first data centre in Nevada, Ohio and Nebraska, while revealing its plans to invest over $13bn throughout 2019 in new data centres and offices across the U.S., with expansions set to cover across 14 states.

Last year summer, the tech giants bought 70 hectares of land in the Netherlands as part of its potential new data centre building plans across Europe.

The land purchase site is in the region of Noord-Holland (North Holland), a 30-minute drive from Amsterdam, with Google however yet to confirm that a data centre campus will actually be built there.