Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Google buys large piece-of-land for potential Denmark data centre

Campus larger than 100 football fields has had in the past debates held over the construction of data centre buildings amounting to nearly 1.3 million sqf.

Facebook, IBM and Apple could be about to get a new companion for their data centre fleets in Denmark as search engine giant Google has confirmed it has acquired a large piece of land to potentially expand its European data centre footprint.

In total, the company has purchased 73.2 hectares of land – equivalent to more than 100 football fields – for 65m Danish Krones ($9.86m as of June 5, 2017).

The plot is located in Fredericia, east Jutland, a short car drive from Facebook’s future $100m data centre in Odense.

However the company did not officially unveiled plans to build a data centre on the site, it said the land will provide the company with the space to do so when needed.

Google said: “We purchased a 73.2 hectare site in Fredericia. At present, we have no plans to use the land, but we will ensure this gives us the opportunity to expand our data centres in Europe if our work requires. We do not expect to take any decisions in the near future.”

The land was originally bought by Dublin registered Dapsi International. The company was founded in 2015 by MoonVille Limited and is owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet.

This is not the first time a hyperscale uses a company under a different name to purchase land for future data centre projects.

Mayor of Fredericia Jacob Bjerregaard, said: “I am very pleased that Google has bought a large plot in Fredericia.

“The City Council is working hard to attract investment to the region, and it has succeeded in recent years. It is fantastic that one of the world’s biggest brands has decided to invest in Fredericia.”

Although Google has no immediate plans to build a data centre, a “secret” data centre project has been debated for the same piece-of-land just last year.

It was in July 2016, when the Fredericia Dagblad wrote about a public consultation on a project to build a giant data centre in Fredericia.

According to that consultation, buildings could reach a combined 1,267,342 sqf of construction, with the centres being as high as four to five floors.

In addition, the campus project included a 120,000 sqf engineering and high-voltage power station.

The data centres would be built in different phases, and employ as many as 700 workers during construction making it one of the largest data centre developments in Denmark.