Saturday, November 25, 2017

Global Cloud Xchange places India at the heart of APAC’s digital economy

Company to deploy 16,650Km-long subsea cable in partnership with other industry operators with 2020 set as a goal to have the cable operational.

Reliance Communications’ Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) has launched a program to connect India to the rest of the world and at the same time connect regions within Asia and link the continent through the construction of one of the longest subsea cables in history.

The “Cloud and Fiber Initiative” will include the construction of the new EAGLE submarine cable system which will deliver latest subsea cable technology to meet growing Cloud infrastructure and capacity demands from global enterprises and OTTs.

According to the company, plans are already “underway with key telco and OTT partners from across major growth markets to ensure that the “Cloud and Fiber Initiative” delivers infrastructure and bandwidth required to support the next wave of economic growth driven by the Cloud revolution”.

EAGLE will go east from Mumbai via Thailand to Hong Kong, running approximately 7,750 kms with landing points in Singapore and other branching units delivering high speed capacity to and from its India hub.

EAGLE going west will route from Mumbai via the Middle East to Italy with almost 8,900 kms of diverse routing and landing points within the Mediterranean and low latency subsea routing from Europe to India and beyond.

Bill Barney, CEO, RCOM and Chairman & CEO, GCX, said: “Nearly half the world’s population is reachable within a short distance from India’s borders, giving India a strategic edge in the new digital era.

“The ‘Cloud and Fiber Initiative’ levels the playing field for India’s tech companies to compete in the new digital order and to play a pivotal role in the anticipated hyper growth of technology expansion across the Emerging Markets Corridor.”

Also commenting, Alan Mauldin, Research Director, TeleGeography, said: “India has a key strategic location in the global submarine cable network. New cables extending to the East and West from India will help to accommodate surging capacity demand and enhance network resiliency.

“Demand for international bandwidth connected to Asian countries is expected to increase over 10-fold between 2017 and 2023 and bandwidth linking Europe to Middle East and Asian countries is forecasted to increase 7-fold during the same period.”