G-Core Labs unveils the launch of new PoP in Mumbai

Mumbai skyline

Edge solutions provider G-Core Labs has launched the new point of presence of its global network infrastructure in Mumbai, India.

G-Core Labs’ new PoP location provides hosting services based on dedicated or virtual servers and also complements the global architecture of the company’s content delivery network, according to the independent international analytical system Citrix.

Located in a Tier III data centre, the company said that the PoP guarantees access speed to a dedicated or virtual server of 200 Mbit/s.

“G-Core Labs continues to develop its international infrastructure, opening an important point of presence for our customers in India, the second-most populous country in the world and one of the fastest growing online markets,” said Dmitry Samoshkin, vice president of products at G-Core Labs.

“There are more than 560 million active Internet users today (note – 43% of the population), and their number should exceed 600 million by 2021.


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“The Indian audience is very susceptible to electronic commerce, actively plays games, watches movies and uses various Internet services, so the leaders here will be the businesses whose online resources run uninterruptable and as quickly as possible. And we can help with it.”

The company added that its content delivery services will be in demand by any online business that has customers or an audience in India and wants to work without delay, including suppliers of games and entertainment content, mass media, online retail, financial sector etc.  

The dedicated servers of the company provide free access to their IPMI, which helps to solve any issue with hosting in a remote format even in case of an emergency situation.

G-Core Labs virtual server is based on KVM virtualization technology, which guarantees high and uninterrupted performance and is equipped with fast SSD disks.

For its servers, G-Core Labs uses modern advanced equipment with a wide range of configurations and the ability to upgrade on request, the channel throughput is from 1 to 100 gigabits.

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