G-Core Labs opens PoP in Singapore data centre facility

Andre Reitenbach, G-Core Labs managing director

The company’s servers are located in a Tier III class data centre, and provides 5TB of traffic for free for each dedicated server.

Cloud and edge solutions provider G-Core Labs has opened a point of presence (PoP) in Singapore.

The location is set to offer customers virtual servers, as well as services for the “fast delivery of content” with an average response time of 30 ms, according to Citrix independent analytical system.

“Being a recognised world economic centre, Singapore is actively developing internet infrastructure and communication networks: more than 93% of 5,8 mln residents here regularly go online, and in terms of speed of fixed and mobile internet, the city-state takes the 1-st and 2-nd places in the world respectively,” said Andre Reitenbach, G-Core Labs managing director.


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“Singaporeans actively watch videos, communicate in social networks, buy online, including food, electronics and beauty products. The new G-Core Labs location will be in demand both in Singapore itself and in neighbouring China, as well as among Asian, European and American companies seeking to work effectively in the local and regional markets.”

The hosting and CDN point will be in demand among telecommunication and broadcasting companies, mass media, streaming services, developers and publishers of video games, online retail, cloud service providers, the banking sector and other companies.

G-Core Labs CDN unveiled that it supports all necessary protocols, including HTTP/2 (by default), SSL and IPv6, and also provides system configuration options: access through the API, opportunities to preload heavy files, to clear cache completely or selectively, to set and manage cache storing time, cache return, inheriting caching parameters, amongst others.

The global architecture of G-Core Labs content delivery network, located on five continents, includes over 100 PoPs located in more than 65 cities around the world, has over 5,000 peering partners, over 300 cash servers and the total network capacity is 10+ Tbit/sec.

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