France and Germany outline its plan to boost European cloud computing sector

German Federal Minister, Peter Altmaier

France and Germany are set to launch a string of European data infrastructure, as both finance ministries announced a timetable for the development of an infrastructure blueprint.

Federal Minister Peter Altmaier presented a project of European secure data infrastructure, which will be jointly developed with France and the support of Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance.

The two countries will work together on the project, which will serve as basis for a wider European collaboration, and aim to present the results of the collaboration by spring 2020.

In a written statement, German Federal Minister, Peter Altmaier said that the infrastructure will help Germany regain its digital sovereignty and form the basis for a digital ecosystem.

“I am very happy that France and Germany will work hand in hand to lay the foundation of a European data infrastructure based on European values and on the strengths of our diverse economic environment,” he added.

“We will now discuss the details of this project, identify the potential for synergies, and will then swiftly approach governments and enterprises from other European countries to become part in this initiative as well.”

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France and Germany will hold a workshop before the end of November 2019, where interested companies from both countries will be informed about the project and can provide input and feedback.

French Minister, Bruno Le Maire

“I’m strongly convinced that close cooperation between France, Germany and other European countries is necessary to tackle the technological revolution of the 21st century,” said French Minister, Bruno Le Maire.

“We want to establish a safe and sovereign European data infrastructure, including data warehouses, data pooling and develop data interoperability.

“By working together, European companies will benefit from a larger pool of data to develop their algorithms and enhance their position in a global and very competitive market. This is important for Europe’s digital and technological autonomy.”

France and Germany will also jointly host an event in Brussels to present their technical and organisational concept for the development of a European federated data infrastructure to the governments of other EU Member States in early 2020.

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