Flexential completes a $32m Portland data centre expansion

The expanded facility offers 240,000 square feet and two Pacific cable landing stations to support international customers needing low latency connections to fast-growing Asia Pacific markets.

Flexential has finished a $32m expansion of its Portland, Oregon data centre. The 115,000 square foot expansion ups the facility to 240,000 square feet. It has a 18MW critical load UPS capacity.

The Tier III facility, one of only two in Oregon, is equipped with concurrently maintainable electrical and mechanical systems. This fault-tolerant design deals with potential disruptions to individual system components, while maintaining power and cooling supplies to customer IT equipment.

The facility also features Flexential’s SuperCRAC cooling system, a proprietary technology resulting in a Power Usage Effectiveness rating of 1.3 or lower.

Chris Downie, CEO at Flexential, said: “This data centre benefits from a holistic design approach, with all systems and components contributing to maximum efficiency, allowing us to pass along cost savings to our customers.

“The efficient design, coupled with direct, low-latency connections that span the US and provide access to Asia Pacific, make it an ideal location for companies seeking a cost-efficient IT infrastructure solution and a global connectivity reach.”

The Portland site houses the US cable landing station for the Hawaiki submarine cable, which delivers a carrier-neutral, low-latency connection between the continental US, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and American Samoa. The New Cross Pacific (NCP) subsea cable also lands at the site, delivering up to 80 Terabits per second of capacity to significantly reduce latency between the US and the high-growth Asian markets of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China.

Both cables serve as an extension of Flexential’s FlexAnywhere network fabric, which provides customers with high capacity, low latency and secure connectivity from the data centre and cloud to the edge. FlexAnywhere is anchored by a 100G, scalable to 400G, US network backbone that delivers full-service, single-hop connections to key customer locations across the country.

Flexential recently opened the first peering exchange in its home city of Charlotte, North Carolina in partnership with Ninja-IX, a not-for-profit peering exchange provider. It also opened an edge data centre in Atlanta last month.