Executive Must-Haves: From Rossignol & PIQ Ski Trackers to the Zepp Golf 2 Kit

Executives Must-Haves

Time off is a much-needed element for a well-balanced business lifestyle. In this edition of Executive Must-Haves, we look at gadgets that not only allow you to perform better in the office but also enjoy the great outdoors. João Marques Lima has more.

Rossignol and PIQ Ski Tracker

The ultimate sport tracker has reached the slopes, and just in time for Data Economy’s Finvest event in Zurich in February.

The Rossignol and PIQ ski tracker allows you to get accurate measurements and performance reviews of your skiing skills. Get your performance for each jump including rotation, airtime and G-Force at the landing, as well as your ski performance for each turn from transition to G-Force and Carving.

The tracker works in sync with a mobile app, where you not only get your reports and performance review, but you can compare where you stand against other users in the area, from national scoreboards to the slope your carving.

Price: $225

Horizn M5

What makes the perfect cabin carry-on is being lightweight, offering the ability to reach out for items in the bag without being that person that holds a whole security queue back at the airport, and a luggage that gives you the energy to keep you tech going while on the road. Enter Horizn Studios’ M5 33L cabin luggage.

Engineered in Germany with an aerospace-grade polycarbonate hard shell, the three to five days carry-on is, according to Horizn Studios, the world’s first luggage with a removable smart charger with 10,000 mAh power.

The outside pocket allows you to store a laptop of up to 15” and easily access it and any other devices such as tablets. There are also several accessories to go with the M5 from personalised luggage tags to wash bags, shoe bags, and much more.

Price: $420


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Zepp Golf 2 Kit

Instant evaluation, smart coaching and real time 3D swing analysis. For any golf lover, the Zepp Golf 2 is the perfect companion while out on the course.

The 3D swing analysis feature measures the most important aspects of your swing including club speed, club plane, tempo, backswing length and more. Instant evaluations help you see where you can improve the most and focus your training, while smart coach offers personalised training programs, based on your data, from

PGA/lpga players and Tour instructors to make you a better player faster. Furthermore, you can replay and review your swing in 360 degree from any angle and record your swing in HD video and compare directly to the pros.

Price: $149.99

24K Gold Edition G3PRO

Theragun has brought the market a limited edition of its top-grade percussive therapy massage device.

With only 50 in the world, the 24K Gold Edition offers the most powerful muscle treatment, enhances performance and recovery and helps naturally soothe pain.

Packed with accessories in a smart case, the device has an adjustable arm for full body reach delivering up to 60 Ibs of force. And if you can’t get your hands on a limited edition of the 24K Gold Edition G3Pro, Theragun has a larger range of equally good devices including G3Pro, G3 and Liv.

Price: $1,275

Asus ZenBook Pro Duo

Have you ever wondered what the future of laptops will look like? Look no further. The Asus ZenBook Pro Duo is the first laptop in the market to successfully incorporate two displays and a full keyboard in a compact and lightweight touchscreen laptop.

You can have as many windows open as you need, use both screens for a larger display of any content, or work within one program but using both screens – PremierPro editing is a dream with this device.

Geared with an Intel core 9, the PC brings up to 1TB of storage and up to 32GB of RAM. Other features include Amazon’s Alexa built-in with a light bar and the possibility to unlock the laptop using a face scan, just like on most phones.

Price: From $2,499

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