Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Exclusive. UK’s 750,000 sqf mega data centre campus in world’s first deployment

Welsh operator bulks up on growing demand for cloud based services following its play on Microsoft Azure.

The UK’s largest data centre campus operated by Next Generation Data (NGD) claims it has become the first in the world to host a cloud-based call recording service.

The deployment has been made by Microsoft Gold Partner TeleWare which has migrated all of its fixed-line call recording solutions onto the new platform which is based on Microsoft Azure.

TeleWare’s Cloud Call Recording service enables businesses to record both inbound and outbound conversations wherever workers are.

Users dial an entry number and follow voice prompts to activate recording to enable calls to be stored on the TeleWare Cloud.

As the service grows, TeleWare has installed a number of racks at NGD in support of its Cloud Call platform and is using NGD’s hybrid cloud infrastructure and its dedicated Cloud Gateway connections into Microsoft ExpressRoute.

The deployment has already stored over 35,000 minutes of voice call recordings per day in the public cloud and which can be accessed by authorised users without any discernible delay.

Rob Corrigill, CTO, TeleWare Group PLC, said: “The exceptional security, resilience and high speed connectivity on offer at NGD’s data centre, combined with a lower cost proposition compared to London data centre options, made using their high calibre facility for our Cloud Call platform a no brainer.”

Steve Davis, NGD’s Marketing Director, said: “We are delighted to be supporting TeleWare with the seamless delivery of their ground-breaking Cloud Call platform. This is a further example of an international service provider organisation recognising the value of NGD’s secure, resilient hybrid cloud infrastructure and low latency connectivity.”

Based in the Cardiff Capital Region, NGD operates the Tier 3 facility housing up to 22,000 racks.

The hub has 180 MVA of power supply sourced from the local grid and sourced from 100% renewable energy.

Back in December 2016, NGD made one of its major announcements when it revealed it had made the NGD Cloud Gateway aavailable on Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute to ease private connections into the Microsoft Cloud.

This has driven the company’s substantial growth not only from the extended service but also by a major surge in cloud based services from players just like TeleWare.

In March this year, NGD signed up a “major US international bank” to its customer bookings.

In April, the Welsh operator switched on services on the new BT Wholesale Optical and Optical Connect National service which delivers 10Gb, nx10Gb and 100Gb Ethernet symmetric point to point connectivity.

While the business in EMEA continues to grow, in February, NGD appointed Bill McHenry as non-executive director to sit on its board as the company also seeks to attract more business from North America.

McHenry told Data Economy: “The model that NGD have established in EMEA, their responsiveness to market movements and new technology can easily translate to the North American market.”

Watch bellow an exclusive video interview between Data Economy’s João Marques Lima and NGD’s CEO Nick Razey on NGD’s growth strategy.