Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Exclusive. Italian telco to expand Milan data center and build second facility

Company also plans to consolidate edge services including high-density colo services in a TierIV-equivalent facility.

Data centre services provider CDLAN is readying to expand its footprint in Milan by expanding an existing facility and building a second one elsewhere in Italy, Data Economy can exclusively reveal.

The company operates in West Milan through its colocation business arm Caldera21 which runs a facility in the Caldera Business Park, also home to the Milan Internet Exchange.

The current Caldera21 data centre has been built to mirror a Tier IV data centre, has 6MW of power connectivity available and offers 33.368 sqf of colocation space.

The company is now expanding its UPS power to 3MW, the maximum capacity possible at the site.

The additional capacity, part of the overall project to build the campus which is set to top €12m in investment, is scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter of 2017.

The build will address growing customer demand for both wholesale and “move-in-ready” data centre space in Milan.

CDLAN said the space could be delivered either as a private data centre suite for a single customer, or partitioned to allow cage-to-cabinet colocation.

Cristiano Zanforlin, CCO of Caldera, told Data Economy: “We invested in the construction of a carrier neutral data centre in the last building available in the Caldera campus.

“Due to both historical and technical reasons in Italy, major network providers have established their Italian POP in this campus.

“With 200+ ISPs, 40+ Carriers and the national peering point (MIX) this is the most fiber-dense area in Italy and they are all available on our MMRs through local or campus cabling.

“Other major colocators entered into the italian market with large projects, but as they are not in the Caldera Campus, it will take a long time for them to reach such a great ‘ecosystem’.”

Also commenting, Said Corrado Del Po, CEO, CDLAN, said that while “massive newborn data centres around Milan will fight against latency in their growth development”, CDLAN’s strategy has been to start from the most network-dense area in Italy.

He said: “Our Tier IV-equivalent high-density data centre will definitively enhance the Italian Internet ecosystem reliability with the opportunity to colocate up to 24kW IT cabinet in a secure cloud and carrier neutral environment.”

Zanforlin also told Data Economy the company is going to design and build a second Data Center in Italy “in a strategic location” and that the provider is currently looking into three locations in the north of Italy and one in the south of the country.

In addition, Zanforlin said: “CDLAN plan’s for 2017 also aim to consolidate new class of edge services: high-density colo services in a TierIV-equivalent Data Center and we are the only provider in the campus with such capability.”