Equinix expands interconnection services in EMEA to support enterprise hybrid cloud

Russell Poole, Managing Director UK, Equinix

Equinix has launched the expansion of Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric to seven new EMEA markets.

The availability of Equinix Cloud Exchange in Barcelona, Brussels, Geneva, Istanbul, Lisbon and Sofia before extending into Hamburg in Q2 2020, enterprises and service providers alike can interconnect to Equinix’s ecosystem of clouds, networks, partners and customers.

“There is a significant worldwide shift to the cloud underway that is transforming how businesses operate. Our recent tech trends survey revealed 68% of IT decision-makers in the UK are planning to move more of their business-critical functions to the cloud, with 59% intending to do so in the next 12 months,” said Russell Poole (pictured), managing director of Equinix UK.

“It also identified a push for more multicloud deployments, with 36% of IT leaders saying the move to multicloud is a key aspect of their enterprise’s IT strategy. The expansion of ECX Fabric into these key metros will support this trend, offering flexibility and scalability to companies looking to expand their cloud adoption in a secure and cost-effective manner.”

The news follows the acceleration of business digital transformation due in part to the Covid-19 pandemic as well as general competitiveness and customer experience reasons.

In response this large-scale extension of Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric will help global businesses, specifically enterprises, simplify their hybrid and multicloud infrastructures.

“As global IT decision-makers respond to the challenges posed by Covid-19, many are accelerating their digital transformation efforts and transitioning more functions to the cloud. To help global businesses simplify their hybrid and multicloud deployments, Equinix is launching the largest expansion to date of our ECX Fabric service in Europe,” said Bill Long, senior vice president of core product management at Equinix.

“By extending ECX Fabric from Lisbon in the West to Istanbul in the East and offering a globally consistent interconnection service across each of our 45 ECX Fabric-enabled markets, we can help enterprises seamlessly connect to the clouds, networks, partners and rich ecosystems that matter most to their businesses.”

The biggest benefit to enterprises is that ECX Fabric gives businesses the agility to maximise on changing market conditions and new opportunities. Using one port, on one platform, enterprises can quickly connect to ecosystems of clouds, networks and partners, including clouds not currently available for direct connection within a local market.

“Most of the organisations we work with around the world are already on a digital transformation journey and are using the cloud to improve their global reach and seamlessly connect with the customers, partners and suppliers that matter to them,” said Eugene Bergen Henegouwen, president of Equinix EMEA.

“Covid-19 has accelerated this trend for some businesses that have had to rapidly virtualise their services to respond to the extremely fast-changing nature of business during this crisis. We believe our expansion of ECX Fabric will help them to not only successfully navigate the difficult months ahead but come out the other side fit for the future and ready to seize the opportunities the cloud offers.”

As for service providers, using ECX Fabric as an extension of their infrastructure, cloud and network service providers can quickly expand their global reach into new markets and respond to the connectivity needs of their customers with reduced time to market.