Saturday, November 25, 2017

Equinix doubles capacity at Sydney data centre in fourth major APAC expansion

Capital expenditure in the Asian-Pacific market is on the rise as companies embrace cloud and demand for more connectivity.

Equinix has unveiled plans to expand its data centre footprint in Sydney, in what will be the company’s fourth major expansion in the APAC region in recent months.

The services provider said capital expenditure allocated to the SY4 International Business Exchange (IBX) site in the Australian capital ascends to $42m, which will add 1,500 cabinets to the site bringing its total capacity to 3,000.

The total usable floor space will reach 130,000 sqf once the expansion is completed.

SY4 was originally opened in August 2016, and is part of an Equinix campus of four buildings in Sydney including SY1, SY2 and SY3.

The campus has direct access to submarine cable systems, including the Southern Cross Cable Head, the PIPE Pacific Cable. In addition, SY4 will be geared up to become the landing point for the soon to be launched Hawaiki cable.

In addition to Sydney, Equinix also runs a data centre in Melbourne.

The expansion in the capital follows on from four other recent expansions in the region in Melbourne, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Jeremy Deutsch, managing director, Equinix Australia, said: “An interconnection-first strategy for IT is now central to realising digital transformation, and Australia is fast becoming an interconnection hot spot.

“Today, we are already supporting more than 100 local and multinational companies in SY4. Our investment in SY4 demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing the most robust architecture and interconnection options that allow customers to accelerate business relationships and speed to market.”

In a recent Equinix survey of 1,000 global IT decision makers, it was found that Australia is one of the leading countries pursuing interconnection services.

This drive towards greater interconnection makes a significant bottom-line impact on businesses and markets, as 40% of interconnected Australian companies have realised more than $10m in revenue opportunities and cost savings, Equinix’s survey found.

Some 86% of enterprises use the cloud and, with cloud players like Amazon, Google and Microsoft, Australia is already the largest Infrastructure-as-a-Service market in the Asia-Pacific region.

Equinix’s Australian clients and partners amount today to 725 companies, including over 155 Network Service Providers (NSPs) and more than 275 Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

The data centre operator has 29 IBX data centres in Asia-Pacific and a total global footprint of 179 IBX facilities across 44 markets.