Equinix collaborates with Oracle to support Fung Group’s digital ecosystem

Fung Group is headquartered in Hong Kong, China

The multi-cloud connectivity solution, dubbed a cloud adjacent architecture, is offered as a result of a joint effort by both companies.

Equinix (Nasdaq: EQIX) has announced that supply chain solutions firm Fung Group has deployed Oracle Exadata Database Machine running on Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric to digitise its supply chain ecosystem. Equinix is an Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) member.

Fung Group is set to benefit from the cloud adjacent architecture to access various applications across multiple cloud providers by leveraging Oracle Exadata and ECX Fabric on Platform Equinix.

“With a wide range of cloud providers available via ECX Fabric, Equinix offers an ideal platform for enterprises to connect to multi-cloud solutions,” said Diarmid Massey, Senior Vice President, Equinix Asia-Pacific.

“By collaborating with Oracle to combine its Oracle Database and Exadata Database Machine with our interconnection capabilities and dense ecosystems of cloud providers, enterprises can accelerate digital transformation plans with fast, safe and low-latency connectivity.”

With more than 15 of its critical applications on Oracle Database deployed on Oracle Exadata, Fung Group collaborated with Oracle and Equinix to design a hybrid cloud solution based on the latest generation of Oracle Exadata.


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“A fast-moving market and ever-changing customer needs mean we constantly have to assess where and how we deliver value,” said Iman Mak, Executive Vice President, Group Technology, Fung Group.

“The improved performance offered by Equinix and Oracle’s solutions has been essential to Fung Group in keeping up with market demands, enhancing services for our customers.

“These together have enabled us to take a great step forward in realizing our vision to transform the future of supply chains.”

Located in a colocation facility adjacent to cloud providers in an Equinix data centre, it enables Fung Group to maintain the high performance of Oracle Databases while leveraging the benefits of the public cloud for its applications, according to the company.

“By combining the rich interconnectivity of Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric with the capabilities of Oracle Databases on Oracle Exadata Database Machine, we can help support digital transformation and enable enterprises to leverage multi-cloud integration for greater agility,” said Chung Heng Han, Senior Vice President, Oracle Systems, EMEA & JAPAC.

“We are proud to work closely with Fung Group and provide the high performance required to accelerate its digitization and better meet customer needs.”

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