dtac partners NetFoundry for NaaS portfolio

Rajiv Bawa, chief business officer at dtac

NetFoundry has entered into partnership with dtac, a South Asian telecoms operator, to launch a new network service called SmartConnect.

SmartConnect will position dtac as a leader of 5G and cloud transformation in Thailand through NaaS, Infrastructure as a Service and its IoT and SaaS applications.

“dtac’s capacities and solutions are enabling the seamless communication modern workers need to operate at a new ‘normal’, – particularly in light of COVID-19 – enabled by a reliable and secure network,” said Rajiv Bawa, chief business officer at dtac.

“Our new partnership with NetFoundry will make this possible and boost our 5G capabilities to new levels. With SmartConnect our networks are quicker, safer and easier to operate than ever before.”

“With launch of dtac smart connect services, our first priority will be to give the ‘remote worker enablement’ a new face via this next generation solution for the enterprises & SME of Thailand market who are struggling in Covid crisis to solve their ‘work from home’ situation using old VPN technology.”

Specifically, the partnership will focus on NaaS which will combine service bundling with cloud and connectivity. Additionally, dtac’s leverage NetFoundry’s global partnership with Amazon Web Services, Google and Azure.

“dtac has decided to differentiate itself from a traditional telco and has built its services around applications in the modern and multi-cloud world, where data must be reliable, secure and delivered anywhere, anytime without depending on traditional methods and networks,” added Dipesh Ranjan, vice president and managing director of Asia Pacific at NetFoundry.

dtac today serves millions of customers in Southern Asia delivering networking and cloud connectivity services. Its network is comprised of 90% fibre and they are the first operator in Thailand to deploy TDD & Massive MiMo in preparation for 5G.


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NetFoundry offers software-defined cloud & IoT networking, which connects to any cloud, any edge, any app, any data centre, any IoT environment in minutes, with 3x to 10x  performance, 5 layer of security built with massive cost savings for enterprises who have been entangled with old telco methods.

“NetFoundry enables zero trust based secure and reliable connectivity between our customers and their various apps hosted across distributed environment in public or private cloud, no matter where our client is based or connected,” added Dipesh Ranjan, vice president & managing director of Asia-Pacific at NetFoundry.

“We replace the need of VPNs, SD-WANs or MPLS type of networks. Our cloud orchestrated & zero trust model reliably deploys and manages global software-defined networks, optimises internet, and improves security. DTAC SmartConnect will enable both NetFoundry and dtac to go one step further for Thailand customers.”

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