Monday, October 23, 2017

Don’t get fooled this Valentine’s Day: 8 ways you can protect yourself from unwanted tech breakdowns

From protecting your data to choosing the right cloud environment for your workloads and applications, technology in many ways mirrors real life.

Across the globe millions will be having a good time with their other half, but while those enjoy a romantic getaway from real life problems, enterprises will not have a day of rest in respect to protecting their core asset: data.

Data Economy runs eight tips by eight industry experts on to make your tech environment as safe as possible this Valentine’s Day.


Love your data

Victoria Grey, CMO at Nexsan

“This Valentine’s Day, it’s time to show love for your data! First protect it. With so many others with their eyes on your data, you can’t leave it vulnerable to ransomware or loss.

“Secondly, commit to your data long term. Public cloud is like dating, you can float from one provider to the next but, if you do, you risk others accessing your data or denying your access to it.

“With private cloud you always know where your sensitive data is. You get the promise of data that is always private and secure. Love your data, this Valentine’s, and it will be there for you, whenever and wherever you need it.”


Don’t break up with the data you love

Jon Toor, CMO, Cloudian

“Businesses have a love/hate relationship with data. They love the power of information, but hate the cost of storing it.

“Object storage is one path to marital bliss. As the industry’s simplest, most scalable storage, businesses are finding that object storage helps keep peace in the family.

“Don’t break up with the data you love. Just find more manageable ways to keep it.”


Fall in love with software

Gary Quinn, CEO at FalconStor

“Valentine’s Day can be expensive. Flowers, chocolates, gifts and cards all rise in price because, unless you want to end up on the wrong side of your other half, you have to buy them! There’s no wonder retailers are rubbing their hands with delight with the thought of additional revenue.

“The same can be said about hardware and cloud vendors. Both have organisations right where they want them – locked-in.

“The result of being locked-in to one specific hardware or cloud vendor is organisations are paying a high price for the additional storage required. That is unless they have a software solution that sits above any hardware and works in the cloud.

“This allows for the management and migration of data with any hardware, cloud or hybrid vendor. So it’s time to cut ties with your expensive hardware or cloud provider and fall in love with something that’s truly great this Valentine’s Day – software!”


There’s a perfect package for you somewhere out there

Johan Pellicaan, MD EMEA, Scale Computing

“Valentine’s day reminds us of the need to find the perfect partner, the whole package –why settle for less? And there are parallels in the work environment for tech professionals who look for products with a range of qualities, not just one.

“IT professionals are always looking for the perfect solution by combining data protection, disaster recovery, cloud, compute, storage and virtualisation. How do you pick what is right you? – Well there is the perfect package out there.

“Hyperconvergence is a great example of how a blend of attributes is stronger, more powerful and more fitting to the needs of a demanding world.”


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