Digital Realty to build not one but TWO brand new Mexico data centres

Digital Realty Chief Executive Officer A. William Stein

Expansion comes as the company’s roadmap seeks further expansion across developing markets such as Latin America and Asia.

Digital Realty (NYSE: DLR) and its Brazilian data centre arm Ascenty, a joint venture between DLR and Brookfield Infrastructure, are to enter the Mexican market with two new facilities in the state of Queretaro.

Both initial phases are scheduled for delivery in 2021, and the two new facilities combined are expected to deliver up to 36 megawatts of total IT capacity upon full buildout. 

The new sites will be interconnected via an underground dark fiber-optic network, providing access to networks, cloud, and connectivity providers in a single, secure environment. 

The expansion of Digital Realty’s PlatformDIGITAL across Latin America will enable customers to scale digital transformation by deploying critical infrastructure with the operator.

Digital Realty Chief Executive Officer A. William Stein, who features on the cover of this month’s Data Economy magazine,said: “We are pleased to support the expansion of public cloud availability and digital transformation strategies across Latin America.


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“Mexico and Mexico City represent our 21st country and 45th metropolitan area as well as an important milestone on our global platform roadmap, adding coverage, capacity and connectivity capabilities to enable our customers’ digital transformation strategies while demonstrating our commitment to supporting customers’ future growth on PlatformDIGITAL™.” 

Ascenty Chief Executive Officer Chris Torto added: “Mexico is emerging as a leading technology hub in Latin America.  Mexico City is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, while Mexico is the second-largest country in Latin America with a population of over 120 million and the percentage of population using the internet is growing steadily. 

“The development of our first two facilities in Mexico will enhance our ability to support digital transformation throughout the region with comprehensive data centre and connectivity solutions.” 

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