Deloitte unveils expanded industry cloud innovation portfolio

Deloitte has more than 60 ready-to-deploy assets enabled through the SAP Cloud Platform

The company’s commitment to cloud innovation coincides with SAP’s announcement of the SAP Industry Cloud program.

Deloitte is expanding its long-standing strategy to develop intelligent cloud-enabled apps and core extensions that leverage SAP technologies to accelerate digital business transformation and deliver industry-specific capabilities.

The company said Kinetic micro-services leverage machine learning, robotic process automation, and cloud computing architecture to transform organisations and help them become “built to evolve”.

Beyond the industry-specific cloud apps and core extensions, they also include several “digital enablement” capabilities to provide the foundation for data, integration, return on information and delivery transformation.


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“We realise every industry is unique, requiring a range of focused applications designed to address specific needs,” said Jan Waals, principal and global SAP chief commercial officer, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

“At Deloitte, we have been teaming with SAP for several years to deliver innovative, cloud-based offerings that are already aligned tightly with the new SAP Industry Cloud vision.

“We have applications that address industry-specific business challenges, such as AI-enabled risk sensing and/or cloud-enabled core business modernisation.

“With kinetic micro-services, we expand our innovation ecosystem to help clients with their journey toward becoming a Kinetic Enterprise.”

The SAP global services partner helps its clients activate the intelligent, cloud-enabled Kinetic Enterprise with SAP technologies – to help them reimagine everything, innovate, and evolve.

“Kinetic micro-services include digital enablement capabilities such as kinetic finance start-up and selective transformation to help organizations agilely build the foundation they need to address the extraordinary pace of disruption we see today,” said Kelly Herod, principal and U.S. SAP offering leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

“With these solutions, organisations can see their data more clearly, get more meaningful insights, streamline their business processes, and intelligently automate more aspects of their business.

“They really lay the foundation for broader adoption, innovation, and value from industry-specific cloud apps and core extensions.”

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