Datacenter One opens fourth data centre facility in Germany

Frankfurt, Germany Frankfurt, Germany

The data centre was completed in nine months, which allowed the company to offer companies the opportunity to use the colocation and Colo Connect services.

German colocation provider Datacenter One is opening a data centre in western Germany near Dusseldorf to add to its portfolio of three existing facilities in Germany.

The construction of ‘DUS1’ started in 2019 and the data centre was put into operation in January 2020.

The company said that the location of ‘DUS1’ was vital due to customer inquiries in this area of western Germany, which increased significantly.

The proximity to the ‘LEV1’ data centre is also a strategic advantage as companies have access to two Datacenter One data centres within a radius of 20 kilometres.

Thus, the two locations can be used ideally for both active/active clusters and redundancy concepts. With the addition of ‘DUS1’, Datacenter One is creating an optimal data centre network in western Germany that meets all relevant data centre guidelines.


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“With ‘DUS1’ we offer customers the best possible combination of proximity and distance between two data centres,” said Wolfgang Kaufmann, CEO of Datacenter One.

“Especially our customers benefit and receive the best possible service and flexibility for their data centre needs.

“The enormous success of ‘LEV1’ was the driving force for ‘DUS1’, because it is a prime example of a regionally oriented data centre.”

The company added that ‘DUS1’ is operated in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner with 100% green electricity like all other data centres from Datacenter One.

The data centre is expandable with an overall capacity of over 10,000 square meters of data centre space and 16 megawatts. In the first construction phase, approximately 3,600 sqm of data centre space were realised.

Datacenter One also enables encrypted data transmission in the ‘DUS1’ data centre, scalable transmission speeds of more than 100 Gbit/s and direct as well as fast connection to the leading cloud providers worldwide.

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