Thursday, November 23, 2017

DataBank to challenge VaporIO cell tower edge data centres with own deployment

Company wants to improve distribution for content providers and carriers, and foster cloud points of availability.

DataBank has partnered with Vertical Bridge Holdings LLC to deploy micro data centres at the base of communication towers across the US to enable edge computing.

Both Vertical Bridge, the largest private owner and manager of communication infrastructure in the US, and DataBank are portfolio companies of Digital Bridge Holdings, LLC.

The Vertical Bridge and DataBank deployment will take advantage of the synergies between the two companies’ portfolios of towers, data centres and fiber assets.

The edge data centre project has been designed to deliver cloud services closer to the source of data and where demand is, reducing delivery costs and latency times.

The small infrastructures will also dovetail with the emerging C-RAN network architecture of the future.

Raul Martynek, CEO of DataBank, said: “In addition to improving distribution for content providers and carriers, edge computing can also create an important distribution point for the cloud at a lower cost.

“There is just one jump to the micro data centre at the base of the towers, so not only is the latency for accessing the cloud reduced, but it opens the possibility for real-time applications and a richer more immersive experience for end users.”

Marc Ganzi, CEO and Co-Founder of Digital Bridge and Executive Chairman of Vertical Bridge, said: “This partnership is just one example of the convergence that we believe is the future of communications infrastructure, and we are looking forward to continuing to provide more innovations like the Vertical Bridge/DataBank collaboration to support the needs of our customers.”

DataBank and Vertical Bridge edge data centre project has been announced just weeks after VaporIO also unveiled plans to deliver thousands of data centres at the base of cell towers in a bid to boost edge computing.