DATA4 invests more than €200 million to expand its data centre network in Southern Europe

Data4 hyperconnected campus.

DATA4 has strengthened its presence in Southern Europe with the opening of a 4th data centre campus in Madrid and three new state-of-the-art data centres in Paris and in Milan. These two announcements are the prelude to a broad wave of construction planned for the coming years.

The DATA4 Group, a European data centre operator already present in France, Italy and Luxembourg, continues to expand its geographical presence in Europe, with the development of its campus in Paris and in Italy and the opening of a fourth campus in Spain in 2020.

DATA4 is making significant investments to develop its business in Southern Europe

Since its creation in 2006, DATA4 has undergone very significant development. The company has large data centre campuses where enterprise users, cloud providers, systems integrators and Managed Services Providers can host their servers under conditions of optimum security, with land and power reserves unique in the European market. In 2017, the company upgraded its service offering by launching the “D4 Digital Hub” offer, which gives its customers direct and secure access to more than 220 cloud destinations and telecom operators, to the main European Internet exchange nodes and to partner services such as HPC (High Performance Computing) or storage on demand.

Through its expansion, DATA4 aims to expand its presence in Europe and consolidate its position as the leader in the sector in Southern Europe. Thanks to the strategic location of its campuses, the Group offers its customers a diversified connectivity network to the main telecommunications routes (land and sea) but also to more than 150 Public Cloud platforms via private and secure links.

“For DATA4, the deployment to southern Europe makes it possible to offer connectivity gateways to Africa, America and Asia,” said Olivier Micheli, President of the DATA4 Group. “Indeed, with the new submarine cables linking southern Europe to America, Africa and Asia, DATA4 is centrally located and at the crossroads of these essential business exchanges.”


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Opening of a campus in Madrid: a strategic location in terms of connectivity

In Spain, DATA4 invested €100 million to support local companies in their digital transformation.

The group opted for a location in the municipality of Alcobendas, a suburb close to Madrid, due to the presence of numerous telecom access points and its proximity to the centre of the capital.

This new DATA4 campus occupies 2 hectares. You can find out more about the DATA4 Madrid campus by viewing this video.

The Paris positioning: A key growing colocation market

France continued to attract global cloud and content platform operators in 2019, which boosted the ICT market, as confirmed by CBRE in its latest market report.

Taking advantage of this general momentum, the French-based DATA4 Group has strengthened its leadership position in its historic French colocation market by consolidating a platform of 12 operational data centres at its Paris-Marcoussis campus located on the Paris-Saclay cluster, the French “Silicon Valley”.

DATA4 continues its development in Italy

Since its establishment in Italy in 2013, the Group has built four data centres – nearly one building per year – in a total investment of €150 million. DATA4 intends to continue its deployment in this market and plans to inject an equivalent amount in the next five years with the construction of six other data centres.

The opening of a fourth data centre is part of DATA4’s development in Italy, which is undergoing significant expansion with a 20% growth rate in 2019.

In a few years, the DATA4 Italy campus has become an essential telecommunications and interconnection node thanks to major investments in telecom infrastructure (dark fibres, ducts, dedicated operator rooms, etc.). This “hyper-connected” site attracts a large number of operators and content providers as it is at a crossroads between Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. This campus also hosts the main Italian Internet exchange node (Milan Internet Exchange) and is located only a few kilometres from Via Caldera, the historic headquarters of Italy’s telecom interconnection points.

“The launch in 2019 of these four new data centres in Paris, Italy and Spain is just the beginning of a broader expansion project in Europe to reach a total network of 41 data centres,” said Olivier Micheli. Indeed, DATA4 plans to build 22 additional data centres, and has the ambition, with this asset capital, to become the leading data centre operator in Europe. »

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