Thursday, November 23, 2017

Data Economy, one year on

As we celebrate our first anniversary, editor João Marques Lima runs down what the first 12 months meant to the brand, what we have been up to, and what you can look forward to.

One year ago, we launched ourselves into the market with the ambition to build a bridge between the data centre industry and the wider technology sector keeping a focus on the evolving financial landscape transforming the data centre, cloud and data industries.

We have throughout the last 365 days brought to you thousands of stories, from all over the world, with many being reported first-hand on Data Economy and brought to you in a speedy fashion utilising the latest media technology.

We have spoken with more than 100 people over the year. That is 100 stories, 100 industry lessons. We have attended nearly as many industry events across the four corners of the world, and we kept our daily strength to deliver the freshest stories, analysis and interviews.

But we could not have done it without you. So, thank you!

Thank you to the hundreds of thousands who read us and give us the strength to continue. Thank you to those in the marketing and PR world who collaborate with us. A personal thank you to those in the Data Economy office, from marketing to logistics, going through sales, design, IT and the board for their support and continuous push towards a stronger brand.

We, as Data Economy, can only promise one thing: we will continue to shape and grow the Data Economy footprint forcing disruption upon the market.

If you have been with us since day one, you will have noticed already that we have grown exponentially in these first 12 months, delivering that same disruption. If you crossed paths with us throughout the year, chances are that you have seen this growth happen first hand as well.

Let me do a quick recap of how we were born and what we have been up to during 2016/17 to put that into prespective.

Data Economy – or what would become Data Economy – started with a simple conversation over supper in Monaco back in June 2016. In August that year, work started to get the website off the ground.

Lots of UX research, design, industry meetings, internal meetings, and a crisp and clear message were all done and accomplished in a record time of only seven weeks, with us going live on September 14, 2016, at an exclusive rooftop launch party overlooking Central London.

Over 100 people attended that evening to witness the birth of Data Economy as a website and video platform.

Data Economy’s first magazine launched in June 2017.

Since then, we have kept ourselves pretty busy. Only two months after our launch, in November, we acquired which had been reporting on the industry since 2005. Days after, we launched our newsletters which go out every single day, Monday to Friday, Christmas and New Year included. Not many offer that to you, and for free. (You can subscribe to that here.)

In January 2017, Google recognised us as a credible news source, and we were included on Google News which has taken us to the top.

But we didn’t stop there (and we will never stop). In March, Data Economy became part of Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC as the group acquired Broadmedia Communications (trading as BroadGroup), the company which owns Data Economy.

For those who don’t know, Euromoney is one of the largest publishing and events companies in the world with yearly revenues topping over £400m. One of the largest shareholders of the group is the Daily Mail General Trust, whose revenues reach nearly £2bn also on a yearly basis.

As our journey continued, we decided to adventure ourselves into print. And what an adventure that has been. Hard work but all worth it.

On June 7, 2017, we released our first issue with 80 pages featuring dozens of industry executives, some of whom behind the largest corporations in the market and who have not prominently featured in the media before.

We put ourselves out there, looking for fresh faces and ideas from those who you have not heard but run the big billion Dollar companies you read about on a weekly basis.

And because a website, newsletters, videos and magazines were not enough, we have recently also launched our latest new brand: Data Economy Forums. An events series on different prominent industry topics where industry experts come together to discuss, network and shape tomorrow.

Our first forum, timely branded as The Edge of Tomorrow, will take place on November 15, also in Central London. We will also be celebrating our first anniversary with our readers that evening, so come and join us!

This has been our year. It was a busy one; the next one we are planning to make it even busier. Watch this space!

They say the only way is up, but for us, simply ‘up’ is not enough. We seek to go ‘up’ and beyond, making sure there is always a great deal going on across all our operational segments: online, print, broadcast and events.

And, in the end, this all comes down to you. You, above everything, are the most valuable piece of this puzzle that is Data Economy and its growing scope.

So for that, thank you!

We hope you have enjoyed this first year as much as we did and that you will stay with us as we enter a second phase of growth.

Yours sincerely,

João Marques Lima

Founding Editor of Data Economy