Thursday, November 23, 2017

Data Economy EMEA 50: The top influencers in data centres, cloud and data in 2017

Ayotunde Coker

MD, RackCentre

A business executive with 25 years of experience across the globe and deeply involved in advising some of the largest multinationals including JP Morgan and Merrill Lynch. Today he is in charge of Nigeria’s leading data centre services provider and promoting the African continent as a whole.

Garry Connolly

Founder/President, Host in Ireland

A fervent advocate of Ireland and its lead as a data centre location, Connolly founded one of Europe’s most active data centre and cloud groups designed to drive investment to the country. He has recently founded the GDPR Awareness Coalition which strikes a new chord but is still central to sustaining local competitiveness.

Rob Coupland  

MD EMEA, Digital Realty

At the helm of some of the largest companies in the data centre space he has helped to shape successfully the acquisition of eight Equinix data centres in Europe by Digital Realty, which led to Coupland joining the company.


Greg Day

VP/CSO EMEA, Palo Alto Networks

With 25 year of experience in digital security, Day has become a key source of knowledge for data centre and cloud companies on the topics of cybersecurity, privacy and threat intelligence. He sits on the UK National Crime steering committee.

Paul Finch         

CTO, KAO Data Campus

With nearly three decades in the data centre, technical real estate and complex infrastructure space, Finch has over the years held several managerial positions at companies such as Digital Realty. He is today CTO of Kao Data Campus, a £200m, 35-acre science and technology data centre campus north of London.

Sheila FitzPatrick           

Attorney, Worldwide Expert in Data Privacy, CPO, NetApp

With an industry career spanning over 30 years, FitzPatrick has established herself as a leader in data governance and privacy. She has a truly deep understanding privacy matters both at a regional and national level and has become a key pillar in educating the industry around the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation.

Emma Fryer

Associate director, techUK

With 15 years of industry experience, Fryer currently manages the UK Council of Data Centre Operators, Centres Technical Committee and Professionalism Steering Group for techUK, taking the industry directly to Downing Street. Since Brexit, her role has assumed an even greater importance and she has been actively at the forefront of data centre discussions and their role in a post-Brexit UK. We don’t know what the industry would do without her dynamism and dedication.

Anne Graf

CEO, Hydro66

Sweden-based, the business developer has over the years campaigned through award winning projects to help build the burgeoning Nordic data centre market. Currently serving as CEO of Hydro66, Graf has previously worked for The Node Pole and Luleå Business & Economic Development.

Harriet Green

GM of Watson, IoT, Commerce and Education, IBM

One of Europe’s leading executives and business strategists, UK-based Green is an influencer in the topics of AI, IoT and data driving business changing the data centre and cloud space.


Peter Hannaford            

Founder/Chairman, Datacenter People

More than 20 years of experience has won Hannaford the title of expert within those in the data centre industry. He has been involved in industry-first achievements around design, construction and water-cooled server rack technology. He founded Datacenter People to help the industry find those most suitable executives to serve data centre operators in the connected age.

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