Saturday, November 25, 2017

‘Data centres are Lenovo’s third business engine’, says global chairman Yang Yuanqing

Chinese multinational launches its largest data centre portfolio to date, amid warnings of new joint ventures and M&A activity.

Following Intel and HPE’s bet on data centres, Lenovo has now made its strongest bet in the market that is being propelled by the continuous growth of the connected society, including end users, services and businesses across all verticals.

The $43bn revenue giant has sent out warnings to competitors in the data centre space that it plans to be the world’s number one data centre player as the company unveils its largest ever data centre portfolio of solutions.

“Like every revolution before, we are fundamentally changing the nature of business. Understanding and preparing for that will be the key for growth and success for anyone’s business,” said Lenovo’s chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing.

Addressing an audience at Lenovo Transform in New York City, USA, attended by Data Economy, the CEO stressed that IT infrastructure is a core part of the company’s roadmap, which was until now very much focused on the PC and mobile “business engines”.

The stronger position regarding data centres comes as the connected world continues to create a deluge of data, driving business to those in the data centre space.

“IT is no longer IT. It is Intelligent Technology and Intelligent Transformation, driven by big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI).

“The transition from computing to mobile was a big leap [years ago]. Today, the transition of mobile to intelligent internet is changing things again.

“The evolution does not stop there. Automatically, almost everything around us is becoming smart with networking capabilities.”

Yuanqing said this is when devices meet cloud transformation, enabling a more in depth understanding of things and services.

“In addition, data centre infrastructure is also transforming to be more agile, flexible and intelligent. That is what we call the infrastructure plus the cloud transformation.”

With that in mind, the company went on to unveil two new data centre brands and a new portfolio of 14 new data centre servers, seven storage devices and five networking switches.

“This is the most comprehensive data centre portfolio in Lenovo’s history, said Kirk Skaugen, EVP and president of the Lenovo data centre group (DCG).

“It is an entire new set of solutions for cloud, big data, intelligent data, and more. We are driven to be the most trusted data centre provider in the industry.”


ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile

As Lenovo celebrates 25 years of its most successful product, the Think laptop brand, the company decided to carry that long-lasting name to the data centre space and launch ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile.

The ThinkSystem portfolio is based on Intel Xeon Scalable processors. It has been designed as a single unified brand spanning servers, storage and networking systems.

ThinkAgile is a software-defined solutions portfolio built on the foundation of Lenovo ThinkSystem platforms. ThinkAgile has been built for the software defined data centre and adapts to changing IT needs.

Skaugen said: “ThinkSystem innovation future proofs the next generation of data centres, building a more flexible agile solution set that requires less work. We are building on that legacy that we have on existing Intel solutions.

“ThinkAgile really was founded born-free from legacy infrastructure. This is just the beginning of the software defined transformation.”

Looking ahead, Skaugen also said that Lenovo will now be looking into strategic joint ventures and left a warning revealing that “there will be M&As coming in this space”.

“We are transporting Lenovo to the next data centre growth phase,” he said. “We will disrupt the status quo.”

Data Economy will continue to report from New York on Lenovo’s data centre roadmap.