Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The data centre, the best ally for business connectivity

by Faustino Jiménez, CEO of Itconic

We are currently witnessing the paradigm shift that companies are experiencing with their business models.

The development of disruptive technologies, such as Big Data or the Internet of Things, calls for a deep-rooted change in the internal activity of enterprises.

CEOs, CTOs and CIOs are increasingly aware that the best way to achieve the viability of their companies is to redesign their IT strategies in order to meet the needs of an increasingly connected digital society.

That is why the digital transformation of companies depends on their ability to connect with the rest of the world.

In this increasingly complex context, companies that want to be competitive and undertake a truly digital process need access to the best connectivity alternatives on the market in order to reach effective levels of connection with their environment.

There are currently several options, ranging from the services offered by leading telecom providers to the different options of cloud computing. However, separate access to these services is not very effective and entails a high cost.

To access the full spectrum of solutions on the market at the same time, the best idea is to opt for a complete connectivity ecosystem.

The client can use these ecosystems to gain access to leading providers, as well as to exchange information with other market players in a one-stop shop.

Thanks to them, organisations can cut costs and avoid major network deployments, thereby ensuring the proper management and storage of their data while accessing all kinds of communication options with external parties.


The largest connectivity ecosystem on the Iberian Peninsula

In terms of connectivity, the meeting In terms of connectivity, the meeting point for all the members making up the ecosystem is undoubtedly the data centre, the place where things happen.

The traditional concept of data centres as passive infrastructures for storing data has been eclipsed by the concept of state-of-the-art data centres: authentic meeting points between cross-industry companies and network, service and cloud providers.

At Itconic, we argue that the added value of connectivity ecosystems lies in the total freedom they offer when choosing providers that best fit the needs of each client, while also providing a high level of storage performance and interconnection.

That is why we have combined our twenty-year-plus experience in the industry with a strong commitment to innovation to offer the largest neutral connectivity ecosystem on the Iberian Peninsula, an essential hub for the interconnection of Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Our ecosystem is made up of five interconnected neutral data centres (Madrid x2, Barcelona, Seville and Lisbon) that operate as a single platform, which is a competitive advantage for companies, as they are able to access the global capacity of our network regardless of their host centre.

Through our infrastructure, our clients have access to market leading network providers, neutral exchange points in Spain and Portugal, and most important hyperscale cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Our connectivity ecosystem is the greatest proof of how we strive to be the global infrastructure provider that businesses need.


This article originally appeared in the Data Economy magazine. To read more on data centres, cloud and data, visit here