DartPoints and TMGcore partner on edge solutions

Scott Willis, a telecommunications executive, has joined DartPoints as President & CEO

DartPoints and TMGcore have formed a partnership for the design, deployment, and operation of high-density compute infrastructure edge facilities. 

Specifically, by deploying TMGcore’s OTTO platform enables DartPoint to leverage compact, high density, low Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) compute infrastructure design for the aggregation and interconnection of networks, content and applications at the edge.

“DartPoints recognises the importance of being able to deliver powerful solutions anywhere, as well as the need to be highly efficient in the design of the compute infrastructure we are bringing to each market,” said Scott Willis, CEO of DartPoints.

“TMGcore’s solutions align with these goals, and, in a single compact unit provides high levels of flexibility paired with a complete power and cooling solution.

Furthermore, these units are not just the right size, they are modular and scalable to support any power, cooling and density requirement that local networks or large hyperscalers may need in any market they want.”


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As a provider of edge colocation data centre solutions, DartPoints works alongside existing infrastructure and network capabilities to create aggregated neutral meet-me-points within local markets to exchange content and applications.

While TMGcore’s 2 Phase liquid immersion cooling technology, OTTO, solves the challenges of rising operating costs and environmental impact currently facing the data centre industry.

“Partnering with DartPoints allows us deliver a turnkey solution, quickly, in edge markets, allowing customers to easily interconnect and distribute their content and applications.

These markets are eager to gain access to locally generated and consumed content and applications in a way that is optimised while remaining cost efficient,” added John David Enright, CEO of TMGcore.

“Our OTTO platform is optimal for distributed deployments due to the comprehensive capabilities offered with a minimal footprint.

“With our solutions deployed and operated within DartPoints’ edge colocation and data centre sites, local network operators and major content providers alike are assured that the power, cooling and management needs of their infrastructure are supported today with the scalability to meet any needs for tomorrow.”

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