Czech Republic telco firm opens data centre facility in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Czech Republic based telecommunications company České Radiokomunikace (CRA) has announced it is opening a data centre in Strahov, Prague.

CRA said that the opening of the Strahov data centre facility (DC Strahov) is set to serve customers of its largest DC TOWER data centre in Ostrava, Czech Republic, as a geographically close back up location.

The company has invested over $500,000 (10 million crowns) of the facility, with the sole purpose of ensuring greater operational safety for its customers.

The firm used its own premises in Strahov, Prague to build the new data centre facility, and the facility is set to go live by February 2020.

“Security is a key factor in data centre operations. We want to offer our customers the possibility of a nearby backup location, so that their technologies and systems are secured and everything is within reach,” said Miloš Mastník, Sales Director, CRA.

“We know from the surveys that although regional delimitations may not seem to be important at the time of multinational ICT service providers, most customers prefer locations within easy reach.


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“As in the case of the DC TOWER data center, our smaller buildings also place great emphasis on operational and physical security.

“For example, power is fed into the data centre through two independent routes, the backup power is provided by a diesel generator with a start time of up to 30 seconds, which is tested under full load every month.”

CRA announced the opening of its DC TOWER data centre in November 2018 as part of its strategy to build regional data centres, and meet its customer’s needs.

In addition to broadcasting services, the company focuses on connecting the world of television, radio and the internet.

The company runs its own data centres and delivers computing power to its customers. CRA has its own fibre optic backbone network and offers its customers a wireless solution or connection to fibre-optic in nearby locations.

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