Construction work allegedly ceased at Apple’s Danish data centre site

Denmark Architecture

Construction work at Apple’s Danish data centre site had been reportedly called to a halt following reports that builders were sent home and were told to take their tools with them.

According to reports from Danish media outlet Viborg Stifts Folkeblad, two independent sources revealed that work on Apple’s data centre in Foulum, Denmark was called to a standstill.

Hundreds of construction workers were reportedly sent home and an eye-witness who passed the site regularly reported that ‘there was no life at all’.

“It is stated that the Irish main contractor has not been able to deliver the construction to the agreed deadlines,” says the paper translated. “The first deadline was last September, and the second deadline is April this year.”

Allegedly, the construction site workers have also no idea when they will be asked to return back to the site to resume their work as there has been no clarification.


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Data Economy reached out to the main contractor Exyte for comment, to which the company is yet to respond.

One source confirms that there are discrepancies between Apple and the main contractor, but there are still subcontractors working, thus the construction is not completely stalled, according to the local paper.

The work on a data centre site in Viborg, in Denmark’s Jutland region, is part of a project that was witnessing the investment of $1.8bn in Europe by Apple.

Elsewhere just last week, the Irish Supreme Court had ruled against the objectors of the eventually canned €850m Apple data in Athenry, County Galway, bringing to an end a four year planning battle.

Although Apple had already withdrawn from the project last year because of the planning delays, the court decided to allow the hearing as it potentially offered important precedents for future large data centre projects.