Monday, October 23, 2017

Complex data made easy through visual representation

London,17.01.2017 – More data is being generated than ever before. By the year 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of new data will be created every second for each human being on the planet.[1]  The difficulty of mining data to produce actionable insights is turning businesses towards the developing field of data visualization.

Fast growing engagement-marketing platform Contactlab (, announces the sponsorship of RAW (, a top data visualization web app built by DensityDesign, a research lab of the Politecnico di Milano university, and created by design studio Calibro in recognition of the growing importance of visualizations in brand marketing strategies. Mapping out the data in different ways allows brands to explore patterns and trends to make more informed business decisions.

RAWgraphs is an open source data web app built to make complex data easy to understand. Raw provides the missing link between spreadsheet applications and vector graphics editors.

Luca Olivari, Chief Data Officer of Contactlab comments: “The Data visualization initiative aims to help companies, researchers and scholars to build solid arguments and unveil the hidden connections of complex systems through data using innovative and engaging interfaces. Visualizing complex data requires an ecosystem of partners working together with leading research institutions. The cooperation between DensityDesign, Calibro and Contactlab aims to accelerate product development and build an active community of data visualization.”

Paolo Ciuccarelli of DensityDesign, Politecnico di Milano university, comments: “our mission as a research lab is to steer the public culture of data and information. Building partnerships to support the development of open, accessible and usable tools to transform data into visual artifacts is definitely one of the main pillars of our strategy.”

Main features of the new product release include the change to Apache 2 License to foster cooperation with a broader community; an updated technology stack and the availability of new charts and visualization. Rawgraphs ( will take advantage of a completely new website and a blog open to the developer’s community.



About Contactlab

Contactlab ( provides the leading engagement marketing platform for commerce-focused companies and fashion & luxury brands to develop successfully digital communication programs that enable personalized marketing to unlock demand and build lasting customer preferences. Today, we work with more than 1000 clients in different industries across the world and serve most of the world-class brands in the Luxury and Fashion sectors.


About DensityDesign

DensityDesign is a Research Lab in the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano. It focuses on the visual representation of complex social, organizational and urban phenomena to support decision making processes at any level. Our interfaces are open, inclusive, and preserve multiple interpretations of complex phenomena.

DensityDesign is committed to collaborating with other researchers and organizations devoted to academic independence and rigor, open enquiry, and risk taking to enhance our understanding of the world.


About Calibro

Calibro ( is a multidisciplinary design studio established by Matteo Azzi and Giorgio Uboldi in 2015 in Milan. We are interested in exploring new pathways at the intersection between design, data visualization and humanities.

Our background is in communication design and for several years we worked at DensityDesign Research Lab at Politecnico di Milano where we have been part of the team who created RAW. In the past few years we have been involved in research, consulting and teaching activities for several public and private institutions.



Source: Company press release