Cogeco Peer 1 re-brands changing company name to Aptum Technologies

Susan Bowen, CEO of Aptum

Cloud service provider Cogeco Peer 1 has announced it has changed its name to Aptum Technologies.

The company said that the move follows the April 2019, acquisition of Cogeco Peer 1 by Digital Colony, a global investment firm.

“Aptum means ‘adaptability’ and reflects our heritage and vision for the future,” said Susan Bowen, Chief Executive Officer of Aptum.

“As businesses face exponentially increasing volumes of information, and data becomes an integral part of their infrastructure, technology platforms must adapt and harness the power of data to enable better decision making, risk evaluation and customer engagement.

“We help organisations unlock the potential of their data by providing a robust infrastructure that enables customers to solve complex challenges and maximize the potential of their businesses.”

Headquartered in Toronto, Aptum will operate with two focused business units, which include data centre and fibre.


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The data centre business will concentrate on enabling multi-cloud services for enterprises, according to the company, and the fibre business will be Canada’s first independent provider of small cell and 5G infrastructure across greater Toronto and Montreal.

Along with the rebranding, Aptum has launched two new offerings that expand and enhance its customers’ hybrid cloud options – managed AWS and new cloud connect availability.

“The addition of these new cloud services is a perfect example of how Aptum is continually evolving to meet our customers’ changing needs,” added Bowen.

Aptum’s President Susan Bowen discusses on Data Economy Frontline how the market is shifting and the company’s strategy following Digital Colony’s investment and a new name.

“Every business has unique considerations, constraints and objectives that will be met by different solutions. Helping customers determine the correct platform for their unique requirements and then providing expert implementation is why businesses turn to Aptum.”

Managed AWS services include consultation; architecture/design; solution build and configuration; migration; project management; ongoing service management and optimisation – available in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K.

The company added that the new Cloud Connect is now available for AWS Direct Connect, Google Cloud Platform, ServiceNow, Salesforce, SAP and Oracle in addition to Microsoft ExpressRoute, which is available in all regions.

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