Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Cloudflare global expansion lands 105th data centre in Rome

Company also gives some clues on where its next data centre will be as new facilities are expected to be brought online in every continent.

CDN provider Cloudflare has announced it will be opening its 105th data centre in Rome, Italy, after unveiling plans to launch similar facilities in Armenia and Ecuador.

The company has initiated a data centre launch program rarely seen in the industry by unveiling new facilities across the world through a phased-out schedule.

The announcements have all been made on the company’s online blog by Nitin Rao, head of infrastructure at Cloudflare.

Regarding the Rome data centre, he said: “As our global network grows in breadth and capacity, we are able to stop attacks (typically, outside of Italy!), while serving legitimate traffic from our nearest in-country data centre.

“Rome serves as a point of redundancy to our existing data centre in Milan, and expands Cloudflare’s Europe network to 29 cities, with at least five more cities already in the works.”

The company is partnering with local hosting providers, value-added resellers, managed service providers, digital agencies, and eCommerce/SaaS platforms.

Looking at the next announcement, Rao said that “with Rome (R) and Yerevan (Y) live, the only remaining letters that are not as yet at the start of a city with a Cloudflare data centre are E, I and U”.

He said: “Our hardware on its way to a transcontinental city promises to makes that list even smaller.

“After Asia, South America and Europe, our 106th Cloudflare data centre will be back in North America. Everything’s up to date in our next city!”

In the first announcements, the company said it will also add two extra data centres in Latin America, and that customers could count on having more facilities in Africa and Europe on top of North America and APAC.

To be continued…