Thursday, November 23, 2017

Cloud Carib announces aggressive data centre expansion across LATAM

Company sets out plan to build more than five data centres until the end of 2017.

Cloud services provider Cloud Carib has unveiled plans to open several data centres across Latin America and the Caribbean region as cloud adoption soars.

The company is to launch a data centre in Panama, with further builds planned for Barbados and Jamaica.

Cloud Carib has also projects to build data centres in Trinidad, Cayman, and other locations before the end of 2017.

The provider said all Cloud Carib data centres are operated in alignment of international standards with service supported by the Cloud Carib Service Management Framework.

According to the company, the necessity to build out its data centre footprint, which at the moment consists of two data centres in the islands of Nassau and Freeport, came down to the regions geographical advantages around “an explosion of organisations interested in cloud services provided throughout the Bahamas and Caribbean region”.

Scott MacKenzie, Chief Commercial Officer at Cloud Carib, said: “Our strategic expansion demonstrates our continuing commitment to clients that we’re delivering best in-class services directly to them and allowing our clients to choose a location that best suits their needs.

“We are helping clients design a solution for them, not providing cookie cutter solutions and forcing them to work within those constraints — Cloud Carib is dedicated to service excellence for our clients.”