Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Chinese giants will link Africa and South America in history’s first

The cable races continue with infrastructure being deployed across oceans connecting both developed and emerging markets showing the demand for connected services.

Two of China’s largest organisations, Huawei and China Unicom have been contracted, in addition to Camtel, to build a 6,000 Km subsea cable connecting Cameroon and Brazil.

The South Atlantic Inter Link (SAIL) deal was signed by Huawei’s rotating CEO Guo Ping, the CEO of China Unicom Lu Yimin, and Camtel’s general manager David Nkote.

Carrying out the works under its subsidiary Huawei Marine, Huawei will deploy its Marine 100G technology. The system will have four fibre pairs and a design capacity of 32Tbit/s.

Lu Yimin, CEO of China Unicom, said: “China has strategic partnerships with Africa and South America.

“SAIL not only provides high-quality international telecommunication services to countries in these two continent, but also better serves Chinese companies to develop their business in these region.”

Camtel General Manager, David Nkote, said: “It is a great pleasure to partner with China Unicom and Huawei Marine on building the SAIL cable system.

“When it completed, it will provide new international connectivity, to facilitate bandwidth demand between Africa and South America and support the booming economies in the two continents.”

The cable will be the first of its kind to connect Africa to South America and vice versa, coming into operation during Q4 2017.

However, its exclusivity servicing the two emerging regions will not last long as Angola Cables is also working on a different link between the two continents.

The company is building a 6,165 Km fibre optic line connecting Fortaleza on the Brazilian side to Sangano beach, Luanda, on the Angolan side.

The infrastructure is expected to be brought online by H2 2018.