China Telecom widens its presence in Africa with new Teraco deal

Teraco’s three South African data centres will now be geared up to support more Chinese and Asia Pacific enterprises sending their data, apps and content to the African continent.

China Telecom’s Middle East and Africa subsidiary is establishing an inter-connection network and telecoms hub to support growing traffic demands at Teraco’s South African data centres.

China Telecom has deployed its network nodes in Teraco’s data centres in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg since 2012, which provide an inter-connecting hub linking the global internet into the African continent. Teraco’s data centre services will now be bundled with China Telecom’s ICT solutions, which will support increased data traffic going into Africa, especially from Asia Pacific IT companies expanding there.

The new cooperation allows multi-national companies to subscribe to Teraco’s colocation services bundled with China Telecom’s ICT and connectivity solutions.

“Our customers in China and the Asia-Pacific region will now find it even more convenient to subscribe to reliable, trusted and high-quality colocation and connectivity services from Teraco and China Telecom Global,” said Changhai Liu, managing director of the firm’s Middle-East and Africa division.

“Our co-operation immediately builds higher confidence among our customers, so they can focus on their business operations and leave their hosting, colocation and interconnection requirements to us. We have long been focusing on the Africa market and this closer co-operation with Teraco further enhances our competitiveness in the Middle East and Africa region.”

Teraco also offers direct access to Africa’s largest Internet exchange NAPAfrica. Jan Hnizdo, director at Teraco, said: “We have been investing to expand our data centre facilities with additional capacity and floor space to meet increasing demands from enterprises and from the surge in cloud computing uptake.

“Our relationship with China Telecom Global opens up African opportunities for Chinese content and applications, which means a growing network and higher communications traffic in the African region to the East.”