Saturday, November 25, 2017

Capita data centre outage throws UK Councils into chaos

Some clients have had services disrupted for nearly 42 hours due to a power failure.

An outage at one of Capita’s data centres has brought down services of several customers in the UK and Ireland, including some UK Councils and the National Health Service (NHS) Business Services Authority.

The outage started on Wednesday, May 24, at around 22:30, with services being affected for at least 42 hours in some cases.

The incident has affected customers also in Ireland using the Capita Pay360 service, designed for online transactions.

According to a disruption warning placed on Sheffield’s City Council website – which was still online at the time of publishing – the outage was due to a power failure.

“An off-site power failure is still causing problems for customers trying to contact us,” it reads.

A Capita spokesman said: “Due to a technical fault in one of our data centres, some clients are experiencing some issues with the availability of their IT services. As soon as the fault occurred, remedial work commenced. Services are now being restored with many now available.

“The remainder of services are now being robustly tested to enable them to be running as usual shortly.”