How to do business in the automated age

With 75 of Fortune 100 companies using Puppet software to adopt DevOps practices through automation, Marianne Calder, VP and MD for EMEA, explains to João Marques Lima the role of automation in the new age.


How is IT using automation and in what areas is it proving most successful?

MC: IT is using automation as a key part of their strategy for digital transformation –  for many companies this is a journey and whilst it is growing, there is still huge room for more growth.

According to Gartner, by 2017, 75% of enterprises will have more than four diverse automation technologies within their IT management portfolio, up from less than 20% in 2014.

IT is adopting automation across the entire application stack, from managing services on a machine, to having fully automated application deployments.

Infrastructure as code is a key driver for being able to automate and manage the application stack in a consistent and repeatable way.

It is what allows IT organisations to adopt DevOps practices, such as peer review, continuous integration, automated testing, and continuous delivery.


What is the key to success in this automated age?

MC: When we talk to customers, they tell us that the key to their success was starting small.

They start by automating their OS configuration and a handful of services, which gives them back time to tackle larger automation initiatives like application deployments.


How can automation make the cloud more secure?

MC: Contrary to popular belief, automation actually makes you more secure and compliant no matter what environment you are operating in.

It is especially critical in large, dynamic cloud environments because it would be impossible to scale without automation.


Is utilising IT automation a step on businesses’ digital transformation processes? 

MC: CIOs and organisations are focused on digital transformation in order to behave more like software companies, deliver better customer experiences, and gain a competitive advantage.

With this in mind, more and more CIOs are starting to see DevOps as the “how” they achieve digital transformation.

IT automation is the first step towards digital transformation. You cannot have a digital transformation if you are still configuring servers manually.


Puppet opened its London office late last year and has reported momentum in the region – is this a sign that the EMEA region is becoming more interested in the automation and DevOps movements?

MC: Yes. We are seeing growing interest in EMEA for automation and DevOps practices. We have added more than 250 new enterprise customers globally in the past year and I believe this highlights the increasing demand of DevOps in the enterprise.


This article originally appeared in the Data Economy magazine. To read more on data centres, cloud and data, visit here