BSO launches public cloud object storage offering based on OpenIO technology is already available in Paris

The offer is based on the software-defined storage developed by the French company OpenIO.

Infrastructure solutions provider BSO has announced the launch of an Object Storage offer in public cloud mode, called

The object-mode storage platform is compatible with the S3 API and allows users to consume storage on demand, with a capacity that adjusts.

The service is managed jointly by BSO (for the hardware layer) and OpenIO (for the software layer), to scale to meet user needs.

The offer aims to provide storage with high performance in the market, in terms of bandwidth (i.e. the ability to read and write a large volume of data at high speed).

The company said that since it is a public cloud offer physical resources are shared, but performance will remain consistent.

To achieve this level of performance, the service relies on machines equipped with a dual 40 Gbps port, interconnected to the backbone (250 points of presence worldwide) that is managed by BSO via 2 x 40 Gbps links (upgradable to N x 100 Gbps).


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“We are observing an increasing movement in Data Repatriation: companies want to regain control of their data and control their storage costs,” said Laurent Denel, CEO and co-founder of OpenIO.

“They are leaving the US cloud services leaders to build their private cloud, and some are turning to public cloud services based in Europe, whose business model is more transparent, following the example of the offer.

“Users need to be able to choose between the two models, or even choose a hybrid form because public cloud storage provides great flexibility to start a new project without investing or to absorb a temporary overflow of business capacity.” is available in Paris, with the company adding that it will soon be expanding to New York and London.

“We are delighted to enter this partnership. OpenIO is an Object Store with one of the highest performances in the market, due to its unique grid design and its dynamic and intelligent data placement technology – ConsciousGridTM –  which allows scaling a platform without rebalancing data,” said Alexander Legrix, BSO’s Global Systems & Managed Services Director.

“We also chose it for its robustness, and the proximity we have with those who develop and evolve this cutting-edge technology.”

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