Thursday, October 19, 2017

Brexit turns overseas data centre rivals into partners

As the UK moves closer to trigger Article 50 and ignite formal negotiations to leave the EU, providers try to protect themselves against whatever is coming.

Fears of Brexit complications over cross-border data management have led the European Business Reliance Centre (EBRC) to sign UK-based data centre operator Migsolv as a partner.

The EBRC is a highly sensitive information management organisation based in Luxembourg with a portfolio containing a total 17,000 sqm of server space across five data centres, three of them Tier IV-certified.

In addition, the organisation provides cybersecurity, cloud and managed services to 280 clients from 40 countries.

However uncertainty over Brexit is still an issue not just in the world of data centres, the EBRC ‘s move to partner with Migsolv comes days after UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced the government will be adopting the EU’s GDPR after the separation from the pan-European union.

Yet, by selecting Migsolv as its UK partner, EBRC will be able to guarantee its clients a wider selection of data centres under a single contract, “including a UK facility which some are seeking to address the uncertainties posed by Brexit,” the company said in a statement.

Similarly, Migsolv will also be able to offer customers additional facilities on mainland Europe.

The EBRC will also appoint a partner in other major European countries including Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.


Alexander Duwaerts, International Client Development Director at EBRC, said: “The UK is especially important with Brexit on the horizon as customers are concerned about the implications it may have for cross-border data transfer.

“Many want to secure a presence in a UK facility to protect their options and ensure they can continue trading with Britain without disruption when Brexit takes effect.”

This is, however, not the first time two data centre providers come together to prevent any complications following Brexit.

In October 2016, LuxConnect and Volta Data Centres forged the first alliance with the intention to create a future-proofed environment for customers to move their data in a post-Brexit UK.