Thursday, November 23, 2017

Brexit impacts 9 in 10 UK businesses IT decision-making as 2 in 10 put digital transformation budgets on hold

18% of companies have put digital transformation budgets on hold, whilst 23% have cancelled at least one digital transformation project.

In a revealing survey, 94% of UK CIOs have admitted that the UK’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) has had an impact in their decision-making concerning IT.

According to Interoute’s ‘Transforming for Success in a Changing World’ report, 58% said the changing political landscape is today their biggest concern.

In addition, most businesses (52%) believe there is a “lack of direction and consensus from the C-suite” at a time when clarity is needed most.

Overall, 18% of companies said they are being cautious about change, and put digital transformation budgets on hold for now, whilst 23% have cancelled at least one digital transformation project.

However, not all is bad news. The report has also delivered some encouraging results as 90% of British enterprises remain ambitious for growth in the next ten months.

27% of the 120 IT leaders questioned took a conservative view of growth, while 63% of British organisations predicted high growth.

Despite Brexit, dynamic technology change and global political uncertainty, UK enterprises are continuing to invest heavily in cloud infrastructure and expect to move 46% of their IT to such environments in the next ten months to continue their digital transformation roadmaps.

When it comes to choosing which cloud is best for applications, 90% highlighted the need for physical proximity between cloud-based applications and their customers.

Almost three quarters (73%) stressed the importance of full integration between the cloud and network.

Matthew Finnie, CTO at Interoute, said: “This study proves that most British enterprises are proactively making technology decisions and are prepared to pivot quickly to remain competitive in the face of a changing and uncertain market. It also illustrates how technology planning has taken a strategic shift.

“Digital transformation is about ensuring an organisation is flexible enough to react to geo-political and market changes as well as delivering customer and business value.

“This requires an ICT infrastructure that enables, not inhibits, change. Rather than handcuffing an organisation to a specific vendor or inflexible infrastructure choice, it is about ensuring the platform and provider you choose gives you the freedom to change and adapt as the market does.”