Sunday, October 22, 2017

Brexit countdown. $2bn data centre operator acquires rival’s London facility

Plans for further expansion due to open in Q3 2017 have also been laid out.

European data centre services provider Zenium has completed the acquisition of Infinity’s Stockley Park data centre in London expanding its fleet to six facilities across the continent.

Zenium, which has in the last 15 years raised over $2bn, has now become the sole owner of the facility which has now been named London Two.

The move comes seven days before the UK government officially triggers Article 50 kicking off the official Brexit negotiations with the EU which will result in the country leaving the union.

London Two has 13.62 MW of IT load and 7,135 sqm of technical space across two floors with Active / Active 11 kV dual redundant power supplies.

Cooling of the facility is done through the use of chillers and adiabatic cooling systems.

Zenium said it will continue to support the existing global telecoms tenant currently colocated on the ground floor, whilst further space to be built will provide 4,016 sqm of technical space with 9.32 MW of IT load on the first floor.

The new data space will be available in Q3 2017. No financials related to the deal have been disclosed.

Franek Sodzawiczny, Founder and CEO at Zenium, said: “The key to staying at the forefront of any sector is to be able to move quickly; responding effectively to business opportunities that arise. This is exactly what we have done here.

“We operate in a fast-moving environment so we need to be agile. We invest a lot of time in this space talking to partners, consultants, competitors and other data centre experts, in order to share learnings.

“Most importantly this also enables us to make the right decisions to propel us forward. We see the UK as an important market and will continue to build our data centre portfolio here as and when the right opportunities are identified.”

Zenium’s has over 15 years designed and delivered over 400,000 sqm of raised floor space.

Its portfolio tops 28,435 sqm of technical space and currently includes a data centre campus comprising three facilities in Istanbul, one data centre in Frankfurt and two data centres in London.