Bloomberg updates Enterprise Access Point

Bloomberg has updated its ready-to-use data website, Enterprise Access Point, in response to the growing number of client firms branching out into AI, ML and automation, and the demand for application-ready data that is immediately usable.

EAP will see two enhancements: the addition of Data Marketplace, for self-service access to Data License content and purchase options; and Dataset Creator, allowing users to customise the data they receive through EAP.

The service also has a Web API and is cloud-ready.

“Particularly now that many professionals are working from home, it is crucial for financial firms to reduce the number of manual processes they use to consume data,” said Brian Doherty, head of data license at Bloomberg.

 “The latest Enterprise Access Point upgrades put the control directly in users’ hands and allow them to be more productive in whatever environment they are working from.”

Initially launched in 2018, EAP can be used to browse datasets, examine metadata, download and test sample datasets prior to acquisition, and immediately put them to use within an organisation. It provides access to Bloomberg’s One Data offering including standardised reference, regulatory, pricing, and quantitative data.


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Bloomberg said the updates make the front office is “more data-driven than ever, as financial firms adopt new technologies in AI, machine learning and automation”.

Gerard Francis, global head of enterprise data at Bloomberg, said: “As the working environment evolves, Bloomberg continues to invest in giving our clients a seamless digital experience when it comes to data.

“The enhancements to Enterprise Access Point dramatically simplify data discovery and acquisition, enabling clients to integrate data into their applications and immediately put it to use.”

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