Bitglass adds four new edge data centres

Bitglass has announced new edge data centres in four key South American markets.

The new edge data centres are located in Bogota, Colombia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santiago, Chile and São Paulo, Brazil. 

“Adding data centre capacity in remote locations in the midst of a pandemic is a pipe dream for private cloud operations.  Yet just a few clicks away when you build on the public cloud,” said Chris Chan, SVP of engineering at Bitglass.


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Bitglass said its users in South America will now experience “even faster performance, benefiting from our unique PolyScale architecture on the public cloud, delivering performance, uptime and scalability”.

In its Polyscale Architecture model, each data centre starts with a baseline configuration of components comprised of databases, elastic search nodes, Hadoop nodes,  DLP nodes and Malware engines.  Each node communicates in a secure and stateless fashion with other nodes.  If the load on any node crosses a threshold for a sustained period, the node automatically clones itself. 

A statement continued: “While competing cloud security vendors are built on inelastic appliances, Bitglass leverages the public cloud to deliver security and performance.”

In tests conducted by Bitglass, it said “significant” performance boosts were recorded in South America when using edge data centres compared to direct access to SaaS apps such as Office 365.

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