Belgium data centre firm widens international business connectivity with Equinix

Brussels, Belgium

The cloud and SaaS services platform that is being deployed supports access to the biggest public clouds and to many of the most important business applications.

LCL Data Centers in Belgium is now offering its customers multi-clouds through a single connection using the Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX Fabric). The Fabric makes users’ connections to a variety of cloud services, including AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, IBM and Salesforce, “easy and straightforward”, said LCL.

Also, they will gain access to SaaS solutions, through service providers, from the likes of ServiceNow, F5 Networks and many others as well. “Together with Equinix, LCL is addressing Belgian market requirements for global interconnectivity,” said the firm.

With ECX Fabric, the customer dictates where and how the connections are made, with flexible bandwidth options. In addition, a portal enables customer customisation. “This makes worldwide, direct and flexible on-demand connections with key IT providers a reality in Belgium,” said LCL.

“It’s not about storing data, but about exchanging data”, said Laurens van Reijen, LCL CEO. “In terms of connectivity, we are the key hub in Belgium. This is where telecom operators connect to each other, where you hop onto the backbone of the internet and take the number one ramp onto the data highway.

“We offer physical options to enter into a wide range of virtual connections. From here, we can also offer every conceivable hybrid multicloud IT solution, a concept that is definitely on the rise.”

ECX Fabric is available in over 35 metro areas worldwide, and was recently added to the Istanbul market.